Here's a picture from the Nevada side looking across to the Arizona side of the dam.

Here's from the middle of the dam looking back at the visitor centre (on the Nevada side).

Here's the centre of the dam looking straight down. 725 feet!

Here's Glen imitating the statues that are by the visitor centre.

Here's Glen in the bowels of the dam (walking towards one of the old water chutes used to divert the water while they built the dam). Susan's the main picture taker (that's why we haven't seen much of here, hopefully soon).

Here's Glen out on the dam with the background showing Black Canyon.

Here's Susan (finally) pointing out the sign on the visitor centre.

Here's Susan out on the dam overlooking Lake Mead.

Here's inside the bowels of the dam where the power generating turbines are (you can also see the floor designed to last 2000 years).

Here's down at the bottom of the dam looking back up (Really? I bet you wouldn't have guessed...).

Hoover Dam is such a neat place that if you'd like to find out more, I highly recommend visiting there or visiting their web site.