Summer 1999

Welcome to Susan and Glen's Summer 1999 web page. We hope you enjoy looking through some of our photos that we took from June-December. Click on the text to see the photos. Enjoy the viewing!!

Susan and Glen on top of Vedder Ridge in Chilliwack (June). Photo pose is similar to the one in our hiking book.

Susan standing on hilltop to view Chilliwack.

Glen in front of Norvan Falls at Lynn Headwaters in North Vancouver.

Susan wet and cold on the bridge at Lynn Headwaters.

Susan on the Buntzen Lake circuit hike.

Glen and Agnes on the Diez Vistas Trails.

Susan and Glen having a nice lunch during Brothers' Creek hike (June) in North Vancouver. It was chilly having lunch by the creek.

Glen blowing out his 30th birthday candles (July).

Glen made this photo into a puzzle for me. On the back of the puzzle was his proposal. Photo was taken in Ioco with the help of our friends, Rita and Agnes.

Glen and his dad enjoying the view of the coloured sky at their Shushwap Lake (August) home.

Susan and Glen having their breakfast on the volleyball court of KOA campground (September). First night of our Disneyland trip.

Susan and Glen defying gravity at Confusion Hill in California (near Redwood Forests).

Glen with handsome Bob, our tour guide in San Francisco.

Glen and Susan in front of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco (a location used in the movie "The Rock").

Glen standing on the Golden Gate bridge. Quite chilly in San Francisco.

View of a steep street just 1 block from the famous winding Lombard Street in San Francisco. Luckily our brakes were working.

Glen cooking at roadside while the car cools.

Susan and Glen with Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm.

Glen surrounded by water at Knott's Berry Farm.

Susan standing in front of statue of Walt Disney and Mickey at Disneyland.

Susan and Glen with Mickey at his house.

Glen and the subs at Disneyland (which had recently been closed down).

A picture of ToonTown in Disneyland.

Susan lifting weights in ToonTown.

Glen showing his strong knighthood in Merlin's Sword in the Stone show at Disneyland.

Susan eating a fine meal at Universal Studios.

Glen joking around (with Bullwinkle ears) at one of the Universal Studios stores.

Susan getting wet by the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios.

Susan with the Hulk (soon after getting wet at the Jurassic Park ride).

At Universal Studios, Glen looking down over Warner Bros. studios.

Glen in front of the Universal Studios sign.

And here's a picture of the thousands of cows.