On the November 11th (2000) weekend we went to visit Glen's parents in Kamloops, and on to the Shuswap to spend some time at our own property (for the first time since being married). The roads to Kamloops on Friday evening were quite bad, with compact snow in many sections. Getting away at a reasonable time and taking things a little slower than usual we made it into Kamloops before midnight.

On Saturday we continued to the Shuswap with Glen's parents. We were lucky in that Reg and Mary also were available and came along to visit. Our first evening, we spent playing a new card game called 2500. Susan did very well, while Glen might be using his mother's quote "Unluck in cards, lucky in..."

The next day we spent on our property. Clearing underbrush and things like that. Reg had brought his chainsaw, and so was able to cut some trees down .

There are lots of trees on our property that will need to be cut and cleared in order to build a cabin. We started the ball rolling by giving the go-ahead to one of the local contractors to clear the property where needed for constructing our cabin. He'll most likely continue the job come spring by installing the septic field/tank, but if by chance the weather stays good, he might continue and do it this fall.

Our day continued with the only downside being that a bit of a freak accident saw Reg cut into his leg with the just turned off chainsaw. As bad as it sounds, the cut didn't look too bad. He did go in to the hospital for some stitches (12), but thankfully the cut wasn't deep.

Monday we helped close up Glen's parent's cabin, before making the trip back to Vancouver. Roads were clear (at least clearer than our trip to Kamloops on Friday night).

A good time in general.

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