Susan and Glen's Honeymoon

Quick summary...
We left Vancouver on Canadian Airlines to London. Nice and comfortable on the plane, we slept and seemed to avoid the jet-lag common to most such trips.
We were pleased with our room in London, altough it was quite small ( 1 2 ).
The first night we took a walk, had a bite to eat in an Irish Pub. Rob was right when he said we should pretend 1 english pound was 1 dollar (even though they're something like 2.4 to 1). We then walked in the park and saw a castle.
The next day we took a tour of London. We saw many things on our bus and Thames boat-ride-tour including Big Ben (the exact picture that's on the HP bottle ); the Millennium Dome ; London Bridge--the famous original has been torn down, but this disappointing rebuild is there (the Tower Bridge was more interesting), the Queen Mary , and the changing of the Guards at Windsor Palace (the English Guards were replaced with a Canadian Regiment from Edmonton). Amazingly enough we saw our Head of State, Queen Elizabeth, roaring down the street in her car.
On to Dubai!
Our room in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel was much bigger! The view out the window was amazing! We had great fun at the hotel. While in Dubai we took a tour through the desert where we rode a camel. The dune bashing in our (thankfully) air-conditioned vehicles was a lot of fun (that's my watch reflection in this picture ). That evening we got to see a belly dancer ( 1 2 ). We had a a lot of fun touring through downtown Dubai ( this is an Abra --sort of a bus to get across the river). Richard and Helen were great hosts for the second half of our Dubai days. Our room at their place admittedly didn't have as great a view as out the window of the Jumeirah Beach hotel, but it was very comfortable. Richard took us Wadi bashing (Wadi is a Canyon/Valley cut by river), and we camped over night in Oman.
It was then back to Vancouver and back to work--very content.
Possibly more to come when we get more pictures back.

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