On Sunday, August 5, 2001 we were privileged to host our housewarming at our cabin. In attendence was the Master Carpenter, Uncle Lee; Auntie Christine, Uncle Earl, Auntie Raquel, Auntie Jen (Dale was off fishing in the Queen Charlotte's), Tammy, Glenn, Megan, Stephen, Judy, Marc, Lynnette, Emma, Keith and Janet (we thank you for your attendence being just a week before their daughter Karla's wedding), Glen's parents Mel and Bill (the assistant carpenter), and of course us! A large crowd indeed!
Gifts were great and totally unexpected. We thank you all for the clocks, kitchen knives, fresh fruit and vegetables, foot mat, and picnic basket. We look forward to using them all (the vegetables were great!).
Thanks were given to our master builder Lee, and his assistant Bill (Glen's dad).
Susan made a phenomenal amount of food! Hot dogs, casserole, potato salad, green salad, buns, fruit salad, chicken wings, bean salad, fruit platter, (and my favourite, and many others too) cream puffs! We fed all the people with lots left over.
So much food in fact, that we "did it again" the next day. Due to the fact that we had scheduled our openhouse on the same day as the annual Christmas in July put on by the Miller's, we weren't able to receive some people we would have liked to have had. So on Monday, we had Gary, Donna, Mary, and Glen's parents over for lunch. Another round of fun and showing the newly finished cabin.

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