As you probably know from talking to us, or reading about it in our Summer 2000 newsletter When we , we've bought some property on Shuswap lake.originally bought the land, it was covered in trees . In the early days we spent our time on the property building a path through the trees and some "stairs" (if you can call them that... more like leveled spots in the dirt) to get into the property proper. The first real work was started in November of 2000 when we cut some trees down and arranged for our contractor George to clear the land. Late last fall he cleared the land in preparation for installing the septic field in spring of 2001. Our first time to see the lot was in April of 2001 (looking up to future home ). Also on that weekend we had Glen's uncle Lee (and auntie Christine) come out to take a look because we were planning to have Lee build the house. Besides doing  measuring , picking our future view , and general work on the land , we also spent some time relaxing on the property .
The next time we were out was the long weekend in May. During the time away, our contractor George had been back and had installed the septic tank and field. Besides us and Glen's parents (Susan and Glen ), Glen's uncle Van and Glen's brother Jim and his family were out for the weekend. Glen's dad had really started things under way, having had George dig some big holes for the footings when he was in with his big machine. So following his hardwork , we really got going. We had people burning brush down below on the property, we had Van up above burning stuff, and of course we spent time placing the sono tubes (tubes to receive the cement) in the large holes. We also had visitors take a look in, having Auntie Jen and Dale stop by for a visit.
The next time out was in June, things had really shot ahead, we had cabin walls with beams overhead , the inside was lit well :-) The roof was fun because it gave us an opportunity to peak out the top !
Our next visit on the Canada Day long weekend (July 1), our cabin looked great with it's new roof . During Lee's time building, he had built a shed that he had been staying in. For this weekend, he had had some fun by putting up a sign . He had been using an outhouse he had erected, and had built an outdoor shower attached to the back of the shed that was fed from a bucket.
A couple weeks later in July when we returned, a new deck had been added to the cabin out back. The kitchen cupboards had been outlined , and the tub had been put in the bathroom (that's Shupop Alice, a prize we had won for one year at a Golf Tournament earlier in the year).
A week later (the July 21 weekend) we were out for the start of our week long holiday for our family reunion . The bath tub now had it's bath surround on , the kitchen cupboards were now in with no cabinet doors or sink . We had a great week at our family reunion, but since Glen, Glen's Uncle Lee, and Glen's dad Bill were all on the houseboat and golfing, the cabin didn't advance at all that week. At the end of that week, we did have an opportunity to paint the deck out back .
The next weekend, the August long weekend, Lee had finished work for this year. Although we stayed in Glen's parent's on the Friday night (arriving from Vancouver at ~12:30), we did move in and have breakfast ( 1 2 ) for the rest of the weekend. The kitchen cupboards were on and the sink was in (1 2 3 ) . The bathroom cupboard doors were also on. We held our housewarming and had a great time. We stained the kitchen cupboards, and painted the bathroom cupboards before the weekend was over.
The third weekend in August we were back again. During our time away Glen's dad had picked up and put up more drywall. A couple of pieces in the living room up high were put up by Glen and his Dad during the weekend. Susan stained the inside of the cupboards. Our trip to the lake was once again with a full care--we had purchased a futon mattress and so the car back was filled with the mattress and other things being brought. So now, our room has a bed, and so does the guest room ! We attached the knobs and handles in both the bathroom and the kitchen . The living room now has a bit more furniture with my putting together a shelf that Rob and Kim gave us because of moving to Las Vegas. We left Sunday afternoon, ate in McDonalds in Merritt, and got back Sunday evening around 10.

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