For the week, July 21 to July 26, the 2001 Beaver Lodge Golf tournament was held at Shuswap Lake. The Golf Tournament proper was held in Anglemont at the Anglemont Golf and Country Club . Most attendees stayed stayed at the Anglemont Inn , where we had our wonderful dinners and prize presentations. We had close to 50 golfers in the tournament. It was a great time, including the lunch that the golf course served. Glen's team came in dead last (when you get 18 over when playing "best ball" you know it's not a good day). Susan's team finished a few spots up. We had been looking forward to seeing how Kenny would do, with the rumour that he's a really good golfer. He was "handicapped" by having three other people on his team who had never golfed! Amazingly, his team tied for best score!
When Monday came, we all left to go to Sum-R-Fun Enterprises to board our houseboats.With over 50 people going houseboating, we took all six houseboats! Our first night out, we camped the near side just outside the boundary of the Narrows . The next morning, the Sum-R-Fun people came and took our pictures by plane (since we had all six of their houseboats out). Admittedly the pictures from the plane were a little blurry ( 1 2 ), so that the best pictures were just taken from the plane as it came into land. The kids were certainly excited when they had an opportunity to get in the plane (1 2 )! We were glad to have the people and plane in at shore , and were sad to see it go .
Day 2 of the houseboat trip we left for up Seymour Arm. Along the way we experienced quite the storm . We stopped in at Albas Falls Park where we stayed the night. We hiked up and saw Albas Falls (or the half dozen distince falls). Everyone sure had a good time ( 1 2 )! The next morning we all had our picture taken on a big log , with Ron somehow taking Tom's place setting up the camera's.
After pulling out of Albas we started to head up to the village of Seymour Arm, for some reason the boat we were on was sitting quite low in the water. It made going quite slow. So Glen's dad and Susan volunteered to take the boat back towards the Narrows while the rest jumped ship onto Doug's boat. Bill and Susan had a relaxing trip back down the arm, stopping to swim and eat along the way. Glen and the rest went up to Seymour Arm where we all had a look around, and some of us went and saw Al Bass's grave (who Albas Falls is named after).
Getting back that night to the same spot we had stayed the first night, we had an excellent evening. The next morning, we had a rock collecting contest. Quite a few people spent time collecting rocks (actually over the last few days) and entered. We had a relaxing morning (1 2 ) before packing the boat to leave. Surprisingly, when we went to start our boat, it wouldn't start. Since we were floating low, water must have got into the engine and stopped it from working. Without too much worry, we hooked up some ropes to Doug's boat and had him tow us . We had a great trip down the lake, hooking up with the other boats and stopping to swim when we wanted. We thank those on Doug's boat for towing us in. As we got close to the marine, it was quite windy, but still a lot of fun !
Thursday night Glen's parents put on a dinner for those still able to stay. Over 30 people enjoyed the food and a slideshow of old family pictures (wasn't Robert cute as a little kid :-) ).
It turns out our boat did have a leak in the cap, which was quickly repaired. Numerous times since we've seen the boat out on the lake, with it's passenger's having a great time.

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