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Christmas 2001 was celebrated at Shuswap Lake with Glen's parents and family. The family arrived at the lake on December 22 and the holiday continued until the 29th. The weather was warmer than expected (-5 degrees Celsius) with snow on the ground and the bright shining sun. Snow started to fall on the 28th. The holiday season was filled with tobogganing, games of Clue, Uno Stacko, Stock Ticker, Balderdash, Game Boy, Flight Simulator, Starcraft, knitting, reading, walking and continuous snacking… a perfect relaxation holiday!! Some repetitious gifts were given this Christmas season, which inspired us to re-write the 12 Days of Christmas song.

Below are some photos of our Christmas holidays. Enjoy!


GlenWithTree.jpg (44917 bytes)      PuttingUpTree.jpg (37009 bytes)       decoratedtree.gif (44138 bytes)     familyfronttree.gif (141225 bytes)
Scott Family in front of the Christmas tree. The 10 foot tree was cut from Glen's parents' lot. This was the second tree that was removed from the lot after the first tree was accidentally cut. Above are the different stages of the tree decorating process.


 billrebjimtobogan.gif (53149 bytes)       jimrebtobogan.gif (113352 bytes)      susantobogan.gif (160046 bytes)      meltobogan.gif (72095 bytes)

Bill, Jim, Rebecca, Susan and Melrose taking turns tobogganing down Glen and Susan's driveway.


sglake.gif (172353 bytes)
View of the lake from the bottom of Glen & Susan's lot at Hole 6 of the Anglemont Golf course.


familycomputer.gif (46441 bytes)

Family gathered around the computer to view the city sights of Flight Simulator.


imfamilyquilt.gif (185510 bytes)   sgfamilyquilt.gif (150499 bytes)

Glen's mom sewed a quilt for Jim and Ellen, and one for Glen and myself. The quilt material was mainly from old pant and jean material that Jim and Glen wore during childhood.


BuildingTreeFort.gif (53139 bytes)    ShowingTreeFort.gif (71282 bytes)    ZacharyplantingTree.jpg (36910 bytes)

The building of Rebecca's tree fort. There was the planning and discussion phase, the finished fort and Zachary landscaping the lot with tree branches.