Our cabin development continues in 2002.
The first trip of the year we made to the cabin was on the evening of April 5th. Actually, we went to Glen's parents cabin, and so didn't get to our cabin until the Saturday. The drive over the Coquihalla Friday night was quite an adventure. It was rainy and foggy making it difficult to see (thanks Susan for driving). The weekend was nice though, warm and sunny (especially the Sunday). In the big scheme of things, we really didn't do that much on our place that weekend. We spent some time working on the path in the front of our cabin. Glen also spent some time drilling the support beams in preparation for putting in the wiring for heat, but couldn't install the wiring because the electrical shop had mistakenly given us the wrong size wire. We spent a lot of our time at Glen's parents where we did things such as watch old slides.
The next weekend, things were getting under way (not due to our direct physical involvement). Glen's parents had brought out a load of lumber in preparation for Glen's uncle Lee starting to work on building a deck, and adding some kitchen cabinets. Susan spent a good part of the day working on flattening the trail in front of our cabin as well as adding rocks to the trail edges to give it some trail definition. Glen's dad got the thermostats installed. Glen spent some time helping level the path, as well as doing some work on the inside. On Sunday, we went down to Horseshoe Bay near St. Ives and collected some rocks (adding trail definition has been using up all our nice rocks). The Sunday drive back was surprisingly snowy on the Coquihalla, being some of the worst weather we've been in on the highway (especially mid-April)! Once past Hope, the weather was good.
We got away nice and early on April 19th. Susan had the day off so picked Glen up from work with the car loaded for the weekend. We took the road through Delta and Surrey before ending up on Highway 1 as it neared Langley. Driving straight through (eating dinner in the car) got us to the cabin (Glen's parent's cabin) the earliest we've ever made it, 10:30! We actually had time to stop in Kamloops at the Zellers just before it closed in time to buy a doormat (with squirrels on it). When we made it, Karen and Irv were still over visiting. Saturday the 20th was nice and sunny, so we got some good work done on the cabin. Glen's uncle Lee had been out during the week and so the deck had been started (12). Glen's dad worked on wiring, Susan worked on the trail in the front yard. We saw a brown frog on our lot (he certainly was a ways away from the lake)! That afternoon we started a fire, and then had dinner in our place. That evening we of course sat around the fire. On Sunday Glen's dad got the attic lights installed, Susan worked on the path, and Glen made some stairs to the firepit as well as moved rocks into place to make an actual firepit. That afternoon when we left, we saw a pheasant on the road (we often see deer, but we only see a pheasant about once a year). The trip back to the coast was certainly better than the last one (although the summit of the Coquihalla did have some snow).

continued in May 2002

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