The first trip to the lake in July (discounting the entrance of July the previous weekend) was July 5. The trip up Friday evening was standard, getting away a little before 7, eating at the Taco Time in Langley, gas in Abbotsford, drive change after tollbooth and again in Kamloops...

Saturday had generally excellent weather. As had been common the last few weekends, we took our bag of dirty laundry down to Glen's parents washing machine and did that while we also did our chores (feed the birds, water the plants...). Thank goodness they're going to be home soon, the once a week watering does not seem to be enough, with their lawn starting to go brown in patches. Since Susan had been impressed with how close her game was to Cindy's the week before, I went over to Brian and Cindy's to ask them for a game of golf. We made arrangements to meet at 6:00 that evening. Heading back to our place, we had lunch and then started work. Since we had also got an invitation to "come over for drink's" at Cindy and Brian's after golf, Susan spent some time baking cookies and tarts, while Glen painted the deck and stair railings. At 4:30, we went down to Lake View park and cooled off with a quick dip. Continuing our unlucky streak with the weather and swimming, we were rather cold after getting out because the sun strangely decided to stay behind the clouds while we were at the beach. We had an early dinner at about 5:30, so we could get to the golf course at 6:00. It certainly was a well matched foursome. Susan had one of her best games ever, but was still within 10% of Cindy. Glen also had a good game (not quite as good as two weeks before), and Brian and Glen were within 2% of each other. Hole seven seemingly becoming Glen's specialty, getting an especially good drive there this time. Back at Cindy and Brian's, we enjoyed Susan's baking and an evening of discussion (it's a good time to buy real estate in Calgary, prices are going up).

Sunday morning, we painted the hallway yellow. Susan also painted the sills on all the windows in preparation for getting trim. We were thouroughly impressed that our raspberry bush had a couple of edible berries (which Glen had for lunchtime dessert), and our lilies are doing very well. We again stole a few moments at Lake View park, once again swimming with the sun behind the clouds :-(, before heading back to Vancouver.

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