Our first trip in June, June 7th, was two weeks after our last. Susan had the day off and so picked Glen up from work at a little before 5:00. Once again taking the route through Delta, Surrey, and Langley before going onto the Trans-Canada highway. We ate dinner in the Boston Pizza in Chilliwack and arrived at our place about 11:20 that night. We were amazed at how much greenery there was growing in our driveway and in our front yard. Saturday morning we spent time installing the knobs on the new kitchen cabinets, painting the ceiling in both of the bedrooms (for which we had to take everything out of the bedrooms), refilling the birdfeeder and other chores at both our own and Glen's parent's cabin. We did get some enjoyment in sitting in the sun, and running down to collect golf balls whenever a foursome hit one into our trees and couldn't find it :-). A few weeks before we had been "fighting" some persistent robin's who insisted they were going to build a nest under our cabin. Kim had thought we were crazy to try to stop them. A few times a day we had gone down and swept away the material they would bring, hoping they would get the hint and not build there. Kim will smile to know that we lost the battle, when we looked this time, they had completed a nest. I took a look, there wasn't any eggs or anything, but we decided we'd give up and let them move in :-)

Sunday morning we had breakfast and then packed up to get ready to go. We needed to be back back in Vancouver to pick up Susan's parents from the airport. Just before we left we received Karen as a visitor asking us to make sure we made it to the annual Stewart Jantzen Memorial Golf Tournament (happening the July long weekend). We ensured her we would be there...no matter how bad we would golf--thank goodness for the best shot tournament rule! We got away at about 10:00. On this leg of the trip Baby (the Honda) passed 2000000km. Quite the event. We continued driving non-stop until a short stop at Dinotown. We paid our admission and ran around the park in about 10 minutes, just because Susan wanted to check some stuff out in preparation for her hosting of the Safeway event day at Dinotown in September. Once finished, we continued on home in time to change cars and go to the airport. Another whole story!

The following weekend (May 15), we again had visitors! Since Susan's parents were in town, we had both them and Susan's Aunt Fong along for the ride. To accomodate, we first came home from work and threw our own stuff in the trunk of the car (the Jetta, not yet taken in for bodywork), before heading over to Susan's Aunt's place. We had dinner there and got away from Aunt Fong's a little after 7:00.

Susan's Aunt Fong had never been on the Coquihalla before, and I believe she really enjoyed the scenery. For the most part, the rest of the people slept all the way to the lake (except for Glen the driver of course). We arrived at the cabin at about 12:20 that night. Everybody sprang into action, unloading the car and arranging things inside. Susan and myself slept in the living room on thermarest mattresses while her Aunt and parents took the spare room and our room respectively.

Saturday morning we got up at about 8:30. We had a pancake breakfast, with some Chinese buns thrown in for completeness. After breakfast we headed off for a walk through the field to Glen's parent's place (for the standard feed the birds and water the plants). Wow! Was the pollen ever out?!? The first to be bothered was Susan, then Susan's mom, then Susan's aunt, and of course Glen following soon after. Thankfully Susan's dad was the one person who wasn't bothered by allergies. We had thought of walking up to Evelyn falls along the way, but the state of everyone by the corner of golf course road and Columbia drive forecluded that plan. By the time we had got through the blackberry patch and to Glen's parents' place, Susan had a swelling face, and her mother and aunt were doing bad as well. While they spent time recovering, Glen ran around refilling bird feeders and watering plants. Once finished chores, Susan was still in no mood to head back outside. Glen and Susan'd dad headed out back up the hill to pick up the car to come back and pick up everybody else. 20 minutes later we were back to a grateful crowd of people looking for an air-filtered-conditioned ride. To combat the pollen, we decided to take a drive down to horse-shoe bay. We had been surprised when we visited it a few weeks before with Kim, that was nothing compared to this visit! The "peninsula" was almost totally covered with water. There was no beach to speak of whatsoever. After standing lakeside for a moment, we got back in the car and headed back to our place and had lunch (and had some allergy medicine). While lunch was being made, Glen and Susan's dad used the gas lawnmower (boy is that thing hard to start!) cut the growth down in the driveway. After lunch (hotdogs and soup eaten on the deck), we decided against any more walking in pollen infested areas, and instead got in the car and took a drive around Anglemont, driving to the top of Vickers Trail (thinking about going up Queest drive but deciding against it). Our visitors were impressed with the houses and views available. After sightseeing the high ground, we stopped at the public beach. The water was so warm that Glen went swimming. Susan was regretting that she hadn't brought her bathing suit. Susan's parents and aunt took advantage of the chairs we had in the trunk, and took a nap under the shade of the trees. What a nice time! Once back at our cabin, we started a game of Mahjongg. Susan started to cook dinner, and Glen continued playing with Susan's aunt and parents. Dinner was an excellent salmon (Glen's parent's were probably enjoying their Atlantic lobster in Halifax, but we were certainly enjoying our Pacific salmon). After dinner, we started a fire, since it was still light, the campfire didn't quite draw the attention it normally does. Susan's mom (Susan says she's a workaholic) took the hoe and built and some stairs down the one side of the trail in our front yard. We used the fire to cook desert, "smores", but admittedly they didn't turn out that well (OK, I'll take responsibility, Glen burnt them all). We put out the fire early, and went back in to play Mahjongg until after midnight.

Sunday morning, we had our traditional waffles and whip-cream (excellent as usual). Susan's parents and aunt had great fun feeding and watching the squirrel eat peanuts. We again took the car down to Glen's parents, and this time picked up some golf clubs (as well as brought the hummingbird feeder in). We then went to the golf course and hit three buckets of balls on the driving range. It was the first time for Susan's parents and aunt. By the end of it they were getting pretty good. Susan was not at all happy with her performance, but Glen was surprisingly in control and content with his showing. Back home, we had lunch, then packed up to come back to Burnaby. Getting in at just after seven, we took Susan's dad (and mom and aunt) out for dinner for father's day at Ocean King restaurant. It certainly was a good weekend

The next weekend we came was Friday, June 21st. It was nice to drive up on the longest day of the year. We got away a little after 7:00 and had dinner at the Taco Time in Langley. Glen drove Boy until just after the toll booth. Susan drove until Kamloops, then Glen drove the rest of the way...arriving just before 12:30. Saturday was a productive day, Glen got a good number of boxes of books/computer parts filed away in the attic, the goal being to bring a sizeable chunk of collected stuff to the lake to give more room in Burnaby. Also we got our weekly chores done looking after Glen's parents place. It certainly was hot this weekend, but we survived by making sure we drank lots. After that we got painting and painted the blue base coat in both bedrooms, faux paint layer still to come. We then went swimming, amazed at how little beach there currently is (supposedly the highest water in 30 years). After picking up some drying laundry at Glen's parent's place, we had dinner. Being the second longest day in the year, we took advantage and went golfing. Susan had a good game, getting both good drives off the tee box and iron shots off the fairway. Glen had a great game (for Glen anyway). Glen had an excellent iron shot on hole 9, using a 5 iron to knock the ball from about 120 yards out (the hole is 232 yards) onto the green about 10 feet from the hole. On the 7th hole Glen had an excellent drive out of the tee-box (the hole is about 175 yards), driving with his 3 wood, straight and with height about 120 yards (about 20 feet short of the green). It very well might have made the green if it hadn't hit a hose stretched across the fairway! But by far the runaway accomplishment for Glen was hole number 4. Glen's drive had a perfect combination of height and power, just reaching the top of the hill (the hole is the shot towards the pool assuming you know the course). The second drive towards the green Glen thought he'd use his 7 iron, thinking that if he used his 9 and flubbed it at all, a 7 would give him some extra power. Should have gone with first insticts... the shot was good and the ball was knocked to the far side of the green, a foot from the fence. Being a leftie, using the 9 was a bit tight, but it was a good hit... hitting to within 15 feet of the hole. The 4th was a very nice putt, right into the hole! Par! It was an excellent round. Back at home, we put the bedding together, then spent the remainder of the evening watching Susan's new favourite movie, "Rat Race". Sunday morning in our newly coloured blue room, we slept in 'til 10. After waffles, Susan started the faux painting in our room. Glen tidied up the place doing things like dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and feeding the squirrel. After a short nap and lunch, we got on the road back to Burnaby just after 3:30.

The next weekend was the July long weekend! Happy Birthday Canada! Susan's supervisor at her work, Sabrina, was along for the fun this time. Since they both had a meeting in our neighbourhood Friday afternoon, they were able to get ready so that as soon as I came home we got away. We stopped for dinner in Langley at the Taco Time (thanks Sabrina).

We arrived at the cabin about twenty to one in the morning. The traffic was quite heavy, but not as bad as it had been on the May long weekend. Sabrina, knowing the theme of our cabin was squirrel's, had purchased us a couple of squirrels as "housewarming" gifts, which we proudly placed before going to bed.

On Saturday Glen and Sabrina went for a hike around our cabin, stopping to see the ever popular waterfall, which still had a good amount of water pouring over it. We all went down to Glen's parents cabin, and after doing some chores, Glen and Sabrina left Susan (avoiding allergy problems), and walked up to Evelyn falls. The amount of water was great. Once back at our own cabin, Sabrina had great fun with the squirrel. We all had fun, seeing if we could feed the guy, but he was too nervous to ever make contact. We went down to Lake View park, and Glen and Susan had a short dip in the water. We seem to be sadly starting a trend of somehow only going swimming when the sun isn't shining, so it certainly wasn't very warm! Back at home, we played some cards and then called it a day.

Sunday, Susan and Sabrina spent the morning faux painting the bedrooms, and Glen the ceiling in the living room, by by far the big event for the day was the annual Stuart Janzen Memorial Golf Tournament. Susan was on a team with Cindy Houston and Shauna Houston's boyfriend Brian. Sabrina and Glen were on the same team with Karen and Stephan. Susan says her team did well, but Glen and Sabrina's team achieved excellence, winning the tournament. Actually, I felt it wasn't one of my better games, but I managed to pull off two excellent drives, one on the second, and one on the ninth, to get my "minimum two drives" counted. Sure is nice to have a trophy! After golfing, we enjoyed our cheeseburgers and salad, and bought many tickets (including five for Glen's parents who had left five dollars) to try to win Alice, but was sorry to see Alice to go to the Janzen household ;-) That evening we watched Rat Race again, Susan finding it one of the funniest movies around, and Sabrina not yet having seen it.

Monday we spent more time painting, more time fooling with squirrel, and finally got away about 3:00.

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