On Sunday, June 9, we came back from the lake early to pick up Susan's parents from the airport. They had been travelling in China, and were stopping over in Vancouver for a week before continuing on to Calgary. We had taken Baby (the Honda) to the lake, and before going to the airport we went home and traded cars to Boy (the new VW). We needed Boy because they supposedly had a lot of luggage and the trunk is much bigger in the VW than the Honda.

We picked them up at the airport in our new car. With three big suitcases and a couple of carry-ons, we were certainly smart to have changed cars (we barely fit it all in). The weather was beautiful, a nice sunny and warm day. At 5:10pm, we were heading north on Nanaimo when we were stopped at the traffic light at 24th Avenue. We were maybe fourth in the line, and were stopped for five or ten seconds, watching the rollerbladers show-off on the stairs leading down from Nanaimo sky train station. Suddenly. . .


We were hit from behind. A red dodge colt had decided to imprint his front into the back of our car.

Thankfully nobody was hurt

Susan comments that she was glad she had just adjusted her head-rest (she was sitting in the back seat behind me).

Early Monday morning I took Boy in to have him checked out by the ICBC adjuster. It was a clear case of no-fault on our part, with the driver of the Colt (a new driver with the big green N in his back window) just making a bad decision to change lanes without noticing a line of cars standing still in the right lane. The ICBC auto inspector thought it was neat to so clearly be able to see some reverse writing and some bolt heads all from the Colt imprinted into our bumper.

Kirmac says they'll be able to take Boy in for a few days come Monday, June 17th to get him fixed up. We'll get a rental car during that time. For now I'm driving Boy with a bit of an imprint in his back bumper.

Boy! Why did it have to happen to our brand new car?! Well, if money can fix it, it's not a problem. :-)

On Monday, June 17th, I've taken the car in. The car rental company has given me a blue Chevy Impala, boy, what a boat! It guzzles gas so fast you can sometimes actually see the gauge move! I took the car in to fill up less than a quarter of a tank, and the total came to $17! Not a car I'd want regularly, but it sure has been fun to drive (in the short term).

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