On Friday, December 27, Susan, Glen, Bill, and Mel all boarded the Rocky Mountaineer train for a Winter Excursion to Banff.

Wow! That's really all I can say!

The service was excellent! Each car has their own guide that is with them for the whole day, serving the food and talking about the sites along the way. Our guide, Gabriella, was just excellent! The food on the train is wonderful. It's hard to believe how much food one gets served. There is food being served every hour or two.

There was a car with a band playing, and drinks being served. Another car has an attendent for looking after kids and those people playing games. We had fun playing a game called Stick Rummy, as well as one the game car attendent taught us called Skip Bo.

It was really nice to get up and just walk around the train, we saw some really neat bridges, marvelled at the beauty of the train itself, and in general enjoyed the snowy scenery.

The first night, we stayed in the Executive Inn in Kamloops, and enjoyed the hospitality of the Executive Inn. The second night, we stayed at the Best Western Siding 29 in Banff.

After our wonderful train trip we all went in to Calgary and visited with Susan's family for a day.

It's certainly a trip we'll remember for all our lives.

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