I must admit, the year 2003 is certainly being a busy one! Susan during the month of June spent a week in Courtenay opening a Safeway store. The following week, Glen was for his annual pilgrimmage to San Francisco for his fifth consecutive JavaOne conference.

Because of the summer's plan to hike the Chilkoot Trail, one weekend in June was spent backpacking to Garibaldi Lake. We headed off Saturday morning, June 14th. We took Baby and enjoyed the drive to the Black Tusk parking lot. We headed out on the trail just a few minutes after 1:00 in the afternoon (Rob would give me a very bad time, but I think Dave would be impressed).

The hike to Garibaldi always has breathtaking beauty, it's nice to pose by a beautiful creek, and even Lesser Garibaldi is beautiful especially this time as we were surprised to find it covered in snow. By the time we had crossed the bridge at the end of Garibaldi Lake and were heading into the campground we were trekking through deep snow.

The spot we chose to set up our tent was a ways above the lake, but it certainly had a great view. After dinner that night we got to bed in our cozy tent and sleeping bags.

The next morning saw us down at the lake pumping water to use for breakfast.

Post breakfast saw us hiking out, crossing the bridge, once again past Lesser Garibaldi and making it back to Baby at about 4:00.

A very good weekend that we enjoyed very much!

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