One week after we had fun hiking the Chilkoot, we were having fun out at the Shuswap. We got away in Boy late Friday night, and picked up Rita who was joining us for the weekend (we were staying for the week). The drive was uneventful, arriving at a little after one o'clock in the morning.

The next morning we were up and raring to go. We knew we had to be home at around lunchtime since Pauline and Eddy and Hayley were expected to arrive from Edmonton around that time. Being a gorgeous day though, we couldn't just hang around for the morning. Since Glen's parents were in the prairies at a family reunion, we had no straightforward way to launch the boat. Thankfully Gary Miller had volunteered that he would use his truck to launch our boat. To not tie up too much of Gary's time, we thought we would pull the boat out of the garage. It was kind of comical, here we were, the three of us, pulling the boat out of the garage by hand. Just across the "street", newly moved into Brian Carney's old place was Colin Shanks. We hadn't met Colin yet, so I'm sure he thought we were stealing the boat. He came out to talk to us, but I guess since I look like my dad he knew we must have had some lawful reason for being there. Once we introduced ourselves and explained what we were doing, Colin was nice enough to even help us out. With the help of Gary (and his truck) we got the boat launched and went out in the boat. It was beautiful! Hot, sunny, and just perfect for going out in the middle of the lake and diving in. All too soon we had to come in to be available for when Pauline and Eddy were to arrive. We were back at our cabin eating lunch in the yard when they showed up. They actually had been to our place a little earlier while we were out in the lake, and so they too had gone for lunch.

The next few days saw the arrival of Glen's parents and Glen's brother's family back from attending a family reunion in Saskatchewan, and saw us having great fun. We spent time on the beach, we went hiking, we just enjoyed ourselves around home. On Monday, we were sad to see everybody go. Rita got a ride back to Vancouver with Pauline and Eddy who were going to spend some time visiting their parents. But the place wasn't empty long!

At about noon the same day, we had the next set of visitors arrive. Susan's cousin Zhida was visiting in Calgary from New York, and drove out with Susan's resident-to-Calgary cousins Amy and Kenny. Over the course of the next few days, there was time to relax, time to work, time to play (StarCraft tournament), time to eat, time for tubing, and time to try to ski (Zachary helping Susan trying to ski).

All too soon it was time for the cousins to leave and we had our cabin to ourselves. A few more days of fun and then it was time for Jim and Ellen to return home. Because of the five in Jim's family, and the fact that Ellen's mom was also at the Shuswap visiting, there was one too many to go back in their car. Rebecca volunteered to stay on for another couple of days and so on Sunday she came back with us. Our car had a malfunctioning power window that we couldn't put up so on early Sunday morning on what must have been one of the hottest days of the year, Susan, Glen, and Rebecca drove to Kelowna (with the window down) and dropped off the car to have the window fixed. We walked around downtown Kelowna before continuing on our way back to the lower mainland.

It was certainly good way to spend the week and we certainly enjoyed our time with everyone who was there!

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