Once past our week at the lake in August, we resumed going to the lake weekly. As August wore on, our water supply became less and less reliable. Forest fires became more and more and common, and subsequently the smoke over the lake became prevalent. As we neared the end of August, we would get running tap water for only about four hours a day. The last week of August had our neighbourhood on evacuation alert which is the last level of notification before actually being evacuated. A few days before the Labour Day Long Weekend we were phoned by our good new friends Kirsten and Detlef, who we had met the month before when doing the Chilkoot Trail. They were in Prince George and were taking us up on our offer to come visit us at our place. Knowing that an evacuation alert had been issued, we told them how to get to our place and crossed our fingers hoping that the fires didn't get worse.

Thankfully as the weekend arrived the evacuation alert was lifted. We met Kirsten and Detlef on the Saturday morning at the Anglemont Marina, then led them up to Glen's parent's place where they parked their RV for the weekend. Over the next few days we all had great fun, roaring around in Magic Carpet trying out water skiing, tubing, touring the country side, and of course eating lots. On the Sunday night Kirsten and Detlef made us some authentic and very tasty German food. We had never had Roulade before, but we now highly recommend it! When it came time for them (and us) to leave on Monday, we were sorry to see them go but were happy to know that we had solidified a new friendship.

The weekend following Labour Day, we were lucky to have Kathy join us. We're especially grateful that she was able to get away with us for the weekend since Kathy would soon be moving to the States to join her new husband Rocky. Kathy's a real water nut, and I swear she enjoyed swimming off the Magic Carpet twice as much as anybody else this summer. She was also the first person to successfully learn to waterski all year. When she was done we were certainly happy to have somebody who had learned to ski behind Magic Carpet, and nobody was happier than Kathy. Besides water fun we also had fun playing cards and (what else) eating. Sure hope that Kathy AND Rocky can come join us in the future.

In the rest of September we made it to the cabin a few more times, and in October, on the Thanksgiving Day weekend we went for the last time in 2003 and closed up our place. Glen spent time recording old home movies from Glen's grandfather's video camera onto video tape in preparation for archiving (and convenient access) on DVD. Glen's mom offered commentation on many of the events (that happened in the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's). Just before leaving we cleaned up Magic Carpet. We sure look forward to getting back in 2004!

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