I'll be honest right now, I'm reasonably confident that one or two of these pictures could be from April. It's been a while since I updated the site, so I'll just squeeze the picture(s) into May since the difference probably isn't that critical.

In fact, one that I'm pretty certain is from April is a trip we took to our cabin. During this weekend (not certain which one exactly as I write this), Susan, myself, and Glen's parents took a short hike to the Anglemont water reservoir. Here's Susan, Glen, and Glen's dad standing in front of the reservoir. Glen's mom took the picture.

Also during the month of April (although these pictures probably are from May) we spent some weekends at the cabin putting up trim around the windows and doors. Here's a shot showing our kitchen, if you look closely you'll see the trim. For completeness, here's a picture showing the opposite direction.

Something else happening during the months of April and May (and dragging into June) is that the golf course is cutting some trees down, quite a few from the lot next door to us (not really a lot but still owned by the golf course). Out front in front of us quite a few will be coming down, it will supposedly greatly improve our view of the lake. With so many trees being cut down, we're having the logger also take some trees off our property. Including the one that Sammy the Squirrel has traditionally gone to. Don't worry, since we've done that we've moved the feeder to a new tree and he's back happily eating peanuts.

One thing that definitely happened during the month of May is that we took possession of our new boat.

The weekend of May 10th is when we first saw our boat. For an alternate view of what happened that weekend, take a look here. We are storing our boat at Glen's parents place, and we first saw our boat stored at Glen's parent's place. We were happy to drive Boy (our car) in next to the new boat. The new boat we've named Magic Carpet. Obviously Boy isn't really suitable for towing the Magic Carpet, so we will be counting on Glen's parents and always hooking up Magic Carpet to Glen's parent's truck.

We went down to Blake Point to launch the Magic Carpet, before we went out and were happy cruising around in the boat. That afternoon we went around and visited the Nicholson's at their cabin, and on the way back the water got pretty rough. Magic Carpet handled the storm exceptionally well!

Back in Anglemont, we were lucky enough to be able to store Magic Carpet in the Cassel's boat stall. Glen's parent's are paying for a stall in the Anglemont Marina for most of May and the whole month of June. That sure is convenient!

The next day we were out in the boat again, and even though the water was darn cold, Glen went water skiing.

The rest of May we went to the cabin most weekends, and did more riding around in Magic Carpet of course every weekend we were there.

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