July 1, 2003 was a Tuesday. Because it wasn't a long weekend it gave us a good opportunity to use it for a day hike. To help us prepare for our Chilkoot Hike, Susan and I decided to use the day to go on an aggressive hike, one that would really test whether we were ready for our Chilkoot trip.

The hike that came immediately to mind was one that Glen had been on years earlier with Kim, Rob, and Karen.

The infamous Wedgemount Lake.

Dawn Hanna's Best Hikes and Walks of Southwestern BC says

The hike to Wedgemount Lake is the high end of the hiking scale--in more ways than one. It features some of the most superb alpine scenery in the region--a turquoise lake, rugged granite peaks, diamantine glaciers--but it's also the toughest and the steepest hike in this book.
The traditionalist's book, 103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia by Jack Bryceland and Mary & David Macaree is more reserved in it's description,
A spectacular lake lying in the shadow of Wedge Mountain and ringed by glaciers ... This trail is steep; you climb 1100m in less than 6 km.
However the hike is described, Glen remembered it as being a tough one. One that should more than test us for our hike on the Golden Stairs on the Chilkoot.

The morning of July 1 while around the house we turned the calendar over to the month of July. Ironically, the picture for the month of July was of Wedgemount Lake! We seemed to be going to the right place!

As usual for the two of us, we certainly did not get away that early. Rob would be aghast, our getting away about ten for this hike which is north of Whistler. The drive to the trailhead was uneventful, seemingly familiar for a good part of it considering we had just driven the same road a few weeks before for our Garibaldi Trip. We started down the trail at just about noon time.

A little ways down the trail we crossed Wedgemount Creek. For the next few hours we started to go up and up. We of course stopped along the way to munch on some food. We had to cross some snow. We had to scramble up a scree slope. As we climbed we could see Whistler in the valley below. During the day the only other person we saw was a man coming down the slope, at about 4:00. Certainly not as busy as say Garibaldi Lake!

Once we reached the top, we were both amazed at how beautiful Wedgemount Lake is. Besides the lake the glacier is also beautiful.

We left the lake at a little before five, took a break or two on the way down, and got back to the car just after 8:00.

We stopped in at the Boston Pizza in Whistler for dinner, and finally headed back along highway 99 getting home at about 11:30

What a great way to spend Canada Day!

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