Sunday, April 18, we were out with the Homeowner Protection Office (where Susan works) office staff doing the Vancouver Sun Run. We started our day by meeting at Moonpennies, a nice little Bread-Garden-like restaurant in downtown Vancouver just a few blocks off the start line. After Moonpennies we were joined by more, before we got into our starting blocks. Glen was using one of Susan's coworkers running bibs, because he was sick. He was actually a fast runner, but since Glen wasn't, Glen started back in the red section (walkers) with Susan and some friends. Being back in the walkers section, it is a long time before you even move. To while away the time, we listened to a band that was playing, and had some fun taking artistic pictures. After an hour (half an hour after the first runners had already crossed the finish line), we started our trek. It was fun to walk places you don't normally get to walk such as across the Burrard Street Bridge, and also across the Cambie Street Bridge. We crossed the finish line in about two hours. After the race we took advantage of another thing we don't normally get to do, and that is to ride the West Coast Express. The West Coast Express as far as I know only runs once during the year on a non-working day, that day being the Sun Run.

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