Thursday, April 8 was our first time out to the cabin in 2004 (other than being there over Christmas 2003). We got away Thursday night since Friday was Good Friday. Thursday night we stayed at Glen's parent's place. Susan's back had been bothering her and Glen's parents knew so, so Friday Susan was staying at the "Feel Well Spa". A good day of reading inspirational/feel-good quotes, and resting. Friday and Saturday we stayed in our own cabin.

Saturday we went with Glen's parents in their truck up Scotch Creek Road, a multi-venture rock collecting/picnic day. We were collecting rocks for Glen's parent's rock wall. I think noone knew exactly where we were. It was remote. It was not well travelled. It was good for a remote picnic. Saturday evening we had the classic Easter dinner, a good ham dinner.

Sunday we of course had an Easter egg hunt and a waffle breakfast, all at Glen's parent's. No question an enjoyable weekend.

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