In early 2004 Susan decided she was going to arrange hiking excursions, inviting coworkers, on a bi-weekly basis. Our first outing was Saturday, January 17. None of Susan's coworkers were along, but we did have our niece Rebecca along for the 9k hike. We did the standard counter-clockwise loop around the lake. The first part of the loop going quickly, so we could have lunch at the far end of the lake.

After lunch, we all had a bit of a race up the hills on the west side of the lake. We kept up a quick pace for a good long while, I think I'd have to say that Rebecca eventually won, although if it was an endurance race, by the time we got to three quarters (around the bridge), Rebecca was starting to drag, no doubt to due to the sprint hiking we had been doing in the early part of the second half of the hike.

Our second outing of the year was Sunday, February 1. This time we were off to hike in North Vancouver, this time we had Mun, Roger, and Sandy from Susan's work. The hike is a bit of a hidden gem, leaving from a location just off Keith Road, under a highway 99 overpass, just North of Lion's Gate bridge. You start by hiking past the back side of the Capilano Suspension Bridge park. You hike along some bridges over the canyon kayakers are often seen in. Sections of the trail were under repair. Eventually, we ended up at the Capilano Fish Hatchery. Then it's up the hill and onto Cleveland Dam. We had lunch in a park just to the side of Cleveland Dam. The scenery at the dam is beautiful. Everyone liked to look over the edge of the dam, even a dog who was there hiking. After the dam, it's basically down the trail and through the hike in reverse. An enjoyable hidden hike I would recommend to all who want a quick outdoor trip without leaving the city limits.

Our next outing was February 15. This time it was strictly Susan, Glen, and Sandy--a coworker of Susan's. We went to Lynn Valley. We hiked what I believe is the Lynn Valley loop, we had lunch just before coming out into a residential section. Supposedly we could have hiked another trail back, but we couldn't quite figure the directions out, and so took the same trail back. We ended by crossing the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, or course.

Our final hike in early 2004 was March 28, when again we were out with Sandy, this time over the Three Brothers Trail in North Vancouver. We were away early, and had fun looking at all the historical material along the trail. Interesting things like the walking dudley, a machine that used to be used in logging in the area. When we got to the bridge at the far point in the trail, we gave some serious thought to going into lost lake, which was a first for us, all thanks to an early departure. We decided against it, and just continued our hike around and down to the bridge which is just off the Baden Powell trail. We were back to the car and home by early afternoon.

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