The July long weekend we went to the Shuswap. We did not have any guests along, but Glen's parents certainly did. Staying at their place was not only Jim, Ellen, and the kids, but their friends the Fangs with their kids and their cousin's family with their kids. Glen's parents actually stayed in their cabin. On the Sunday, we took part in the annual Stuart Janzen memorial tournament. We were luckily on the same team with each other, and although we were on Stephen's team, which usually means a good chance at a trophy, we were beat out by Glen's dad's team.

On the weekend of June 9'th, we were again out at the lake. This time we had with us guests, our good friends Anna and Stephen. The drive up was more interesting than usual, as Anna had the energy to stay awake the whole way there chatting. Saturday we managed to sleep in later than usual, which was a nice change, probably due to the fact we had been up late the night before talking in the car. We crammed in a lot that day. We had lunch in the boat up Seymour Arm. We went swimming, and then hiked Albas Falls. We did the standard, hiking up the road, onto the bridge, then down to see the falls. There wasn't as much water as when we had been there the month before, but there was still a lot of water. After hiking around Albas, we went around near Marble Point where we went swimming. On the way back, it stormed harder than even Glen could remember in years. The rain just pounded in, and the waves were as big as he had ever been in. Being in a good boat, it was actually kind of fun. With the four of us in the boat, cover down, the windows quite quickly steamed over, and so Glen had to drive with his head out the side windows. By the time we made it back to Anglemont, it was starting to dry out and turn sunny again. On Sunday, both Anna and Stephen tried waterskiing. Stephen just about made it up on waterskis, having tried it as a kid. Although Glen was the only one to actually ski, we all had a good time tubing. We got away late Sunday afternoon and returned home about 10:30.

On Susan's birtdhay, July 17th, we were again on the way to the lake. This time for the start of a week of our holidays. On the way to the Shuswap, we stopped in at the Kirin Mandarin Restaurant in Kamloops. We wanted to take a look at this restaurant since Glen's parents would be having their 40th anniversary there in September. It also was a good choice for some chinese food to celebrate Susan's birthday. The food and service was good. We arrived at the lake at about 3:00. Glen had a tee time at 4:00 with Glen's dad, brother Jim, nephew Zachary, and Uncle Van. It was a cooking hot time, and we all lamented it would have been better to have had a later time. But I was happy to get some practice time in.

Sunday morning I was blessed to have a few days early my birthday gift. Susan gave me a knee-board. Then a little later in the morning after packing what we would need on the houseboat, Glen's dad took his truck full of gear on the highway to Sicamous, and Susan, Glen, Zachary, Rebecca, Glen's mom, Ellen, Jessica, and Jimmy all took the Magic Carpet over to Sicamous to start our houseboat trip. On the way by boat, I got to try out my knee-board. The first three or four attempts, I didn't make it up. What I did do however was supply a comedy show for the (very full) boatload of spectators. Honestly, until you get the hang of it, getting up on a knee-board makes one feel like one is dragging by the reins behind a horse. I did after the first few tries actually get up. I tried it successfully a few times. On this first day I did not do anything other than pull straight (no 360s).

When we arrived in Sicamous, we got to be the greeting party for a good many of the family members who were arriving from points East. A while later my Dad showed up and we then started to unload the truck and load the houseboat. The family reunion actually had six houseboats booked. Our houseboat was called Karmatt, kind of funny that we were to have two boats named Karmatt and Magic Carpet. My dad was gone to play golf with some of the real golf keeners, an 18 hole course so we knew we wouldn't be seeing him for a while. After the houseboats were loaded our boat and Uncle Van's boat, The Russian Tea, who had on it cousin Lea and her husband Ryan, their daughter Jenna???, and Cathy and her granddaughters, decided we would head out to spend the first night out in the lake rather than the night at the docks as the rest of the boats were going to do.

We headed out under the bridges late afternoon. The water was rough, but we had a nice cruise. We had dinner while crusing down the lake. Initially we thought we would pull in down from the Cowles and Nicholson's, but with the way the rough water was blowing, we instead pulled in at Marble Point. As it got dark, we took Magic Carpet back to Sicamous and picked up Van and my dad. We got back to Marble point after dark. We tied up Magic Carpet beside Karmatt, as we were to do every night in the coming days.

The next day the rest of the boats met up with us and over the coming days, we had great fun doing some rest and relaxation (fun) on the houseboat, we put on a good fireworks show, visiting with the whole family, calling Lodge Meetings, and of course taking part in the Annual Beaver Lodge golf tournament.

It was a fun time, all too soon we had to return the houseboat, and again we piled into Magic Carpet and returned to Anglemont. Over the coming couple of days, we had more fun with Glen's parents and Jim's family.

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