The weekend of June 5, we went to the lake. It was a "classic weekend", no "external visitors" (we of course visited with Glen's parents--in fact we had them over for dinner on Saturday). We had a good weekend, going for a couple of boat rids, having dinner with Glen's parents, and playing cards. This weekend we saw something we had seen before, but had never figured out. In the past we had a number of times seen a strange creature in our tree. We were never sure whether it was a bat, or a squirell. We would always see it late at night long after it had got dark. Saturday night we saw it again. Sunday morning when we were over for waffles at Glen's parents, they suggested that it might be a flying squirrel. We looked in an old encyclopedia in the basement, and yes, there he was. If you've never seen a flying squirrel, you're missing seeing a pretty interesting creature. They supposedly make good pets, like to be friendly with humans. Although they're supposedly friendly, we both agree they're pretty unattractive. Interesting creature to learn about though.

The following weekend we went to the lake again and we took with us Erin. Erin is the daughter of John and Maureen who had been with us on the Rocky Mountaineer during the Christmas of 2002. We had kept in touch with John and Maureen after the trip. John and Maureen, and Erin, are from Australia, and they had said that their daughter Erin was going to be visiting Vancouver. While in Vancouver we had arranged to meet up with Erin. This visit to the lake was our visit with her. With a visitor from Australia, we had to do something good. To show Erin the highlights, we went for a boatride. We went for a hike at Albas Falls. To show the falls with the best impression, we walked up the road so that you don't see the falls for the first half at all, then out onto the bridge over the creek above the falls, then down by the side of the creek so that you see falls all the way along. The amount of water flowing down the creek was the most that we have ever seen, and it made for some very roaring falls. We filled the weekend with good fun and good food, and all too soon it was over.

On Monday, June 14, we were shocked to find that our good friend Graham Anderson had passed away. As is the case all too often, it was a total shock. Glen had been at a Toastmasters meeting with Graham the Thursday before. We attended Graham's funeral a couple of weeks later. Graham had made a big impression in not only Toastmasters, but also in the Canadian Soccer Coach's association, so the church was filled with family and friends from a good number of organizations.

The weekend of June 19 we were again at the lake. We went for a boat ride, stopping in to visit with the Cowles and Nicholsons, neither of who were there. Staying at the Cowles was Fred and Shirley, an old family friend of Glen's parents. We spent a good hour chatting the Cowles deck. Besides old times, we chatted quite a bit about timeshares, since Fred and Shirley were avid timeshare people, and we had given owning a timeshare some serious thought the month before.

On the weekend of June 26 we stayed in town. On Saturday morning, we attended Graham's funeral. On Saturday evening we went for a very good barbeque at Patrick and Ada's. On Sunday we were lucky to have an invite from Sabrina, Susan's old coworker from Safeway. Our invite was to the annual Safeway Event Day. This time we had a great time at Western Days out at the UBC stadium. Jim, Ellen, and the kids also came out and had fun at the event. On Sunday evening Glen went and played softball with David Cordon and friends. David Cordon had not been running softball for a few years, because of back problems, but lately had been doing better. It was a lot of fun.

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