In May after we spent our weekend on the Island, we returned to regularly going to our cabin at Shuswap Lake. On May 15th we put the boat in the water for the first time. We certainly took advantage of it by taking a tour around the lake with Glen's parents. We stopped in at the Narrows. The water was low so we were able to walk out onto the memorial.We are not sure who Captain John Joseph Smith, but with the water so low we were able to learn that the memorial is dedicated to him. Besides the Narrows, we also went to Marble Point. We hiked on the trail right around the point. Saturday night, with it being mother's day on Sunday, we took Glen's parents out for dinner at Finz in Scotch Creek. On Sunday, we did some weeding and things around the yard before heading home that afternoon.

The following weekend was the May Day long weekend. Jim's family was also going to the lake. We got away at about 8:00 on Friday evening, feeling good because it is often better to leave late on a weekend to avoid the traffic. At around 10:00, just after we passed through the Coquihalla toll-booth we heard a traffic report on the radio station News 1130. The report was talking about the bad traffic spots, the worst in the province being just after the toll-booth on the Coquihalla. Due to road construction, there was a line up hours long. A fellow had just called in saying it had taken him an hour and a half to get through. Having just paid our $10, it seemed best to stick it out. Minutes later we came to a standstill, and for the next hour and a half we crawled along. The radio report was exactly right, taking almost exactly 90 minutes before we came to Bottle Top bridge where the construction was happening. We stopped at the Chevron in Merritt, and ran into Jim & family. They were uncertain of whether they would push right through that night. We left them at the Chevron and pushed on. We arrived at our cabin at 2:45 in the morning. On a normal evening, we would have been there about 1:00 having left at 8:00. We certainly won't forget that drive! The next morning, we found by talking to Glen's parents that Jim had called and actually had been having car problems the night before, and were now broken down in Kamloops. They were going to leave their car to be fixed and rent one to come out. They had given us no indication the night before that they had been overheating in the lineup, we certainly wouldn't have left them behind alone (with thousands of other line-up-weary travellers) if we had known they had been having car problems. While waiting for Jim and Ellen and the kids to show up, we also visited with Earl and Raquel who had arrived for a summer long visit from Southern Chile. At about 1:00 that afternoon Jim and Ellen showed up in their own car, the mechanic having found and fixed the problem much faster than he had thought he would. We had everyone over for dinner that night, and played a good game of Uno Stacko after dinner. Sunday we along with Jim, Ellen, and the kids went out in the boat. We had lunch floating out in front of Copper Island. After lunch we landed on Copper Island and went for a hike to the top. The views as we were near the top were very nice, we could look down on Scotch Creek as well as look back towards our cabin. One neat thing was that I had my GPS which meant I could get the exact direction to the spot on the Crystal Chair on SunPeaks where I could see Copper Island. It was neat to look at the spot we had been just a few months before. That night we had a nice roast beef dinner at Glen's parents. On Monday morning we cleaned up around the house before leaving that afternoon. To avoid the long weekend and construction traffic we took Highway #1 home, arriving about 10:00 that evening.

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