Thursday evening, June 30, we got away from town at about 7:30. Traffic was heavy and slow all the way through to Chilliwack. Once past Chilliwack things picked up and we were just about full speed the full way. Susan had eaten dinner at home, while Glen ate in the car while parked in the Safeway parking lot while Susan picked up a few last minute things. With dinner taken care of, even with the long weekend traffic, we managed to make the long weekend trip in about five and a half hours, arriving about one in the morning.

We slept in on Canada Day, and then visited with Glen's parents for the day, relaxing and catching up on all the latest happenings. Glen's parents came for a barbecue dinner that evening and celebrated our country's 138th birthday.

On Saturday at about lunch time, we had May and San and Sophia all arrive. May is a long time work colleague of Glen's, and we had the intention of getting them up to our cabin for many years so we were glad they could finally make it. Sadly, the weather through the afternoon wasn't great, so we went for a tour around Anglemont and the neighbouring villages. We watched a windsurfer for a few moments while at St. Ives. We visited with Glen's parents, going for a house tour. Glen's dad had recently completed drywalling their back bedroom. He was looking to start laying flooring. We also toured through Gary and Donna' garden and house. We had a good time having a barbecue dinner at our place again with Glen's parents along and our friends.

Sunday was our day with plans. We were out on the boat for the day, touring the lake (after a waffle breakfast which gave us a good start).

We first TRIED to go up Seymour, but turned back when the sky turned ugly and the waves got big. Although it was rough up Seymour, strangely the weather was quite good up Anstey Arm. Just as we neared the end, it clouded over a bit. We decide to push on right to the end and it was a good thing. There was absolutely no-one at the end, and a few minutes after we arrived the weather turned very nice. We spent about an hour with the beach to ourselves, wading in the water and swimming. After about an hour a couple more boats showed up, but we decided it was time to move on. We spent a nice hour in the middle of Anstey just drifting and talking while we had lunch. When we drifted in to shore we decided it was time to start up and we moved on to our earlier destination... Albas falls up Seymour Arm.

On arriving at Albas, we hiked up the road on the South West side of Celista creek before we walked on a path in to the creek. From the bridge over the creek, we started down and saw the falls. There's always the question of exactly how many waterfalls there are. On trips previous, I have counted. If you use a strict measure that has a restrictive definition as to what counts as ONE waterfall, I think I've counted six. Of course on a more relaxed measure, I seem to remember counting thirty-two. However you count it, the falls are always impressive.

On leaving Albas, we enjoyed the glass like water as we rushed back to dinner at Glen's parents. I suppose the water was quiet since the majority of people probably had to leave to go back to work on Monday. Blessedly, Susan and I along with May and San had Monday off so our holiday was not yet over. We enjoyed an elegant dinner that Glen's mother had prepared, and were impressed that Bill (Glen's dad) had finished the flooring in their back bedroom. After dinner, Glen's mom regaled May with tales of quilt making and needlework (May had shown an interest in sewing and craft). San and Glen popped leaves (a Chinese trick) and talked about optical illusions while the ladies chatted about sewing.

Monday morning we had a light but nice breakfast. At a bit after ten, May, San, and Sophia got on the road to go home to Vancouver. Since the weather was turning hot and sunny (much nicer than the forecast had called for), Glen and Susan decided some more boat time would be in order.

We headed down to get a waterski driver :-) at Glen's parents. We had lunch then actually took the knee board down to get in the boat at the Marina. We headed down near Blake Point before Glen got ready. While preparing Susan went into the water and floated around. Once the gloves were on and the rope attached, spotter Susan got back in the boat and we were off. Glen got up first try, and went for a good pull around the bay. Although the sun was out, hot and sunny, the water wasn't really that smooth, making a 360 seem like a bad idea. So after a while Glen just went out from behind the wake and coasted to a stop. Susan again got in, and after both of us floating around for five or ten minutes, Glen's dad, celebrating his birthday on this nice day, did a cannonball into the water and joined us for another five or ten of floating around. Getting back into the boat, we spent some time baking dry (and attempting to avoid a sunburn).

We finally pulled in at the Marina, dropped Glen's parents off at their place, packed up, and pulled out a little after four in the afternoon. We stopped in for a moment of shopping at Aberdeen mall, had dinner at the Dairy Queen on Hugh Allan drive, and got on the road about 6:30. It was certainly an enjoyable weekend. We're looking forward to May and San returning next year, and more immediately getting back next weekend (after the short week), when we're likely to have Nikita joining us.

All for now...

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