Just four days after returning from our LONG Canada Day weekend we were again heading to the lake. We got away on Friday evening from our place a little before seven, and we stopped at the Safeway down the street to get some last minute groceries. We then went down to New West to pick up our good friend Nikita. Nikita works in Victoria and lives in Nanaimo. She has however been staying in New West the last few weeks since she was taking some training at the Justic Institute (she's a police officer). Since Nik's husband Barry had to work this weekend, Nik decided she would come with us rather than going home and not having much of an opportunity to see Barry. We picked up Nik about 7:30 and stopped in Langley at the KFC for dinner at around 8:00. We did the standard gas stop in Abbotsford to get "cheap" gas and then were on the road for good. Susan spent most of the trip in the backseat asleep, while I drove the whole distance. That was OK since I had Nik to talk to. We got in about 1:00 in the morning.

Saturday morning the weather started good, but during the time that we ate our pancakes, eggs, and sausages some dark clouds moved in. By the time we had our lunch made to go out in the boat, it was raining lightly. The rain however looked like it does in a Charles Schulz cartoon where it's just a raincloud and raining over the characters head (well that's exaggerating somewhat). We waited about half an hour and it got a little nicer. We were in the boat a little after noon and heading to Seymour Arm. Although we quickly reached the nice sky, the water was admittedly rough. As we were nearing Albas falls, we again ran into that same cloud that had held us back at the cabin an hour earlier. Rather than go into the rain, we decided to have lunch floating in the boat. Fourty five minutes later the cloud was nearly gone so we pushed ahead to Albas. We hiked up the road and went into the falls. The three of us took about an hour to come down. On the way out of town on Friday night, Barry had text messaged Nik to "send pictures" so Nik took pictures with her camera phone and sent the scenery to Barry. The ride back from Albas had great weather with a beautiful blue sky, it did however have very rough water. We pounded all the way back down Seymour Arm. It was rough enough that it basically threw Susan's back out, so she had to spend a little more time than usual stretching for the rest of the weekend. We stopped in at the sea store at the Narrows for some chips, and got back into Anglemont about 6:00.

We had a very nice BBQ. Steak dinner, salad, potatoes, corn-on-the-cob. Nik and I had a little bit of red wine that she had bought at the marina and that caused much entertainment attempting to open with a screwdriver (we don't have a bottle opener). After dinner while Susan stretched, Nik and I walked down to my parents place. My parents had gone into Kamloops on Friday to clean their place one last time before handing it over the people who had bought it. They were also spending Saturday at a social of one of my dad's hockey teams. Nik and I picked up the game Sequence and walked back to our place. We don't have many games other than straight cards at our place. At 10:45 when the score was Glen 2, Susan 2, Nik 1, we decided we would play only one more game since it would either be totally tied or definitively settled as to who won. After not winning any since the first two games, Glen won his third and was the winner for the night.

Sunday morning Nik and Glen made the waffles while Susan stretched. We think we did an excellent job for the first time. The weather was hot and sunny. Our yard was looking great with many flowers. Unlike previous years, we had not yet spent much effort in trying to make "friends with the animals". Last weekend for the first time this year, we started to put some effort into it. Throughout last weekend, and for this weekend we made sure the bird feeders had been filled and the peanuts were out. In previous years we had already established our regular bird visitors, and made friends with Sammy the Squirrel, Portly the Chipmunk, and Simon the Squirrel. This year so far we hadn't seen any of our rodent friends. Finally we saw our first visitor. This years' squirrel is a big guy, not fat but big and soft looking. We've decided to name him Sully. We also thankfully have a small chipmunk that Susan has named Chipper, and who I'm calling Mr. C (what does the C stand for? Chipper of course). Just as we were leaving we again saw Mr. C, so we took a picture of Mr. C from out of the car. But I'm getting ahead of myself. After breakfast we had a golf tee time that we had arranged the night before. Susan wanted to stretch, so the foursome was Glen's parents, and Glen, and Nik. We teed off at 10:50. The course was busy, we were directly behind a lone golfer. We kept up with him, and ahead of the two fellows directly behind us. I believe we were all happy with our scores. At least I was with my 55. After golf we joined up with Susan at Glen's parents, where she had enjoyed some satellite TV, stretching, and the time to use their new dryer to do a little laundry (the short week at home just wasn't enough time to get our laundry done). We ate lunch on their lower deck. We got away about 4:00, and had Nik treat us to an A&W root beer float in Chase. We got some gas in Kamloops, and dinner at the KFC in Merritt. The KFC experience in Merritt was a little comical since the two counter people were both new trainees, and only realized after 10 minutes that they had cancelled our order. The KFC also had no chicken (we enjoyed our chicken burgers). In Merritt Susan took over driving, but I'll probably have to take over some time in the next 50 kilometres when we stop in Abbotsford for gas (we're just now approaching Chilliwack).

Hopefully we can get Nik back soon, but next time with Barry. We're not getting back out to the lake for another two weeks, at which time we'll be starting our week of holidays.

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