After a rough week, we finally were able to get away for some rest and relaxation. In order to not be stressed, we waited until Saturday, July 23, Glen's birthday, before we packed and left for the lake. We had lunch in Chilliwack on the deck of the White Spot. We shopped for some craft materials in Kamloops, and finally arrived at the lake at about 6:00. We went down to Glen's parents for Glen's birthday dinner.

Like the first day of our holiday, much of our holiday was spent at a relaxed pace. Highlights included picking up Glen's Auntie Jen, Dale, and Jeanette's sister Midge, and hiking into Hunakwa Lake at the end of Anstey Arm. We also spent time puttering around the house, putting up blinds and installing some edging to our yard so there's no dip in between the yard and the deck. We also drove with Glen's parents to Adams Lake (Bushy Creek) for a picnic. Throughout the week, we saw a variety of wildlife. Mr. C and Sully were around, the robin feeding kids was entertaining, we saw a heron in flight while on the Hunakwa hike, we saw deer several times, including a buck, doe, and fawn (dad, mom, baby) one evening, and even had deer feeding right in our yard several times.

Our annual event having friends on the August long weekend was continued this year, with Eddy, Eddy's brother Rob and his girlfriend Diana, and Rita coming to spend the weekend. Eddy's wife Pauline and the kids weren't to make it this year, with them being in Malaysia. The crowd was to arrive on Friday, July 29th. Sadly, the morning of the 29th Susan awoke with a bad back. We spent a while phoning around looking for a physio who could take a new patient that day. The Chase physio wasn't taking patients, the Sorrento physio wasn't taking patients, we did find an opening and so made a reservation with a physio in Vernon. The appointment was in Vernon at 1:30, and it being 10:30 and taking 2.5 hours to drive to Vernon we put a move on. We left messages on Rita's phone since she was travelling up with Rob and Diana from Vancouver, and we text messaged Eddy who was coming from Edmonton since we couldn't get through on his cel, and we headed off. We drove through Salmon Arm, Enderby, and Armstrong on our way there, taking Highway 97b then 97a. We arrived with 15 minutes to spare. While Susan was in with the physio I walked around downtown Vernon. She got out about 2:20, and we headed back, stopping for lunch at Wendy's, before continuing on highway 97 back through Falkland and Monte Lake/Creek. It was my first time to come down the road I believe since the new intersection had been put in, and we were confused by the road signs which seemingly indicated the right lane was only for the runaway lane rather than for merging onto Highway 1 East, meaning we took the merge lane heading West, and we ended up driving into Kamloops a couple of kilometres before we could turn around. We made it back to our cabin about 5:00, surprising to us beating both the Edmonton and Vancouver visitors.

Knowing that Eddy is especially handy, we had arranged to have some materials so we could put in a couple of stairs heading the way less travelled out our back door. Rob, Eddy, and myself spent Saturday morning working on the stairs. Saturday afternoon, since Susan's back still wasn't feeling good, she stayed at home with Rita while Diana, Rob, Eddy, and Glen went out in the boat. Both Eddy and Rob got up skiing even with the added difficulty of rough water. We cooled off by diving in. We also picked up a couple buckets of gravel from a local beach to finish off the path below the stairs. Rob, Eddy, Diana, and myself had a round of golf after coming in, I being moderately content with a 52. After golf, we had an excellent BBQ, with Glen's parents over as well.

Sunday in many ways was similar. Since her back wasn't getting better yet, we dropped off Susan at Glen's parents place so she could spend the afternoon watching TV (Glen's parents had left in their fifth wheel for Mannville early that morning). Diana, Rita, Rob, Eddy, and Glen again went out in the boat. We had great fun playing on the tube, tubing, skiing, and swimming. The highlight I think was having Rita, Rob, Eddy, and myself balanced on the tube (Diana captured it on video). The same foursome as the night before again had a round of golf after we picked up Susan. I wasn't that impressed with my game, but I still managed to score a 53, mainly saved because I did manage to get par on the number six hole (hitting onto the green in 1). We returned home to a wonderful BBQ feast of food that Eddy had brought with him.

Monday morning, all visitors had left by about 10:30. We spent some time preparing for the week ahead by doing our laundry. We didn't get away until 5:00 in the evening, eating at Arby's in Kamloops. We got back home a bit before 10:00. Susan's back was doing a little better, but she is looking forward to a visit to her regular physio in the coming week :-)

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