It's Sunday evening, May 29 and it's been a long while since making an entry to our web site, with the last being our Christmas newsletter. We're coming back from the lake, and Susan is driveing. We've just left from eating at the A&W in Hope. Since we've done quite a bit in the last 5 months, I've decided to give a quick overview of some of the highlights in the last 5 months.

On boxing day just after Christmas we went up to Whistler for a day of skiing. It was quite a sad day for skiing as there wasn't a lot of snow. Susan and I went up early, and Glen's parents and Zachary and Rebecca came up later in the day. We met up with them and with John and Maureen and their kids. We had met John and Maureen during Christmas 2003 when we were on the Rocky Mountaineer. John and Maureen had come to Canada to spend Christmas visiting with their daughter Erin who had spent the last year living in Canada. A few days later Glen's parents left on their trip through the US and John and Maureen came for dinner.

In February on Friday the 4th, we took the day off and went on a weekend trip down to Port Angeles in Washington. On the way down we saw some beautiful scenery, on Whidbey Island we were impressed by one of the bridges. On the Ferry from Whidbey Island, specifically from Keystone to Port Townsend, it was really windy. Our destination in Port Angeles was BJ's Bed and Breakfast where we had a very elegant room waiting for us. Our room had a hottub on it's deck. Both nights we were there we spent a wonderful time on the deck looking at the lights of Victoria. On the Saturday we went into Olympic National Park and up to the top of the mountain where we went for a quick hike based out of a spot called Hurricane Ridge. It was very snowy up top. After our hike on Hurricane Ridge we drove west and spent some time walking around on Rialto Beach. Rialto Beach was very nice, being covered with many rocks. We had fun running from the waves as they came crashing in. Sunday we spent some time looking around, including at a very neat point that goes a long way out into the water called Dungeness Wildlife Refuge.

In March we went skiing at Sun Peaks. The 18th of March (Friday) we took off the afternoon, picked up Zachary and Rebecca and drove up to Kamloops. It was the start of Zachary and Rebecca's spring break. On Saturday we all went up to Sun Peaks where we had a great day skiing. Unlike our first day back in late December, the snow was great. Zachary and Rebecca both took lessons. That night we went out for dinner at Tony Roma's. We had actually planned to go out at the Keg but it was just too busy. On Sunday we hiked through the park, and then came back to the coast.

The following weekend saw us again heading to the interior. This weekend was the Easter long weekend so we both had Friday off, allowing us to drive up on the Thursday. We went to Glen's parents at the Shuswap. We had a good Friday (pun intended) and headed back to Kamloops on Saturday afternoon. Jim and Ellen arrived in Kamloops on Saturday night. On Sunday, Glen's parents stayed with Jessica in town while Jim, Ellen, Zachary, Rebecca, and us went to Sun Peaks for another day of skiing. The snow wasn't as good as it had been the week before, but it was still better than it had been back in December at Whistler.

In April and May we went to the lake a few times more. In April and May Glen's parents did a number of things. They sold their trailer, bought a new trailer, sold their condo in town, sold their truck, and bought a new truck. On May 7 while out at the lake we went and saw their new trailer.

We missed one weekend in May because of too much overtime necessary at work, but did make it for both the long weekend and this weekend. On the May long weekend we took Magic Carpet in for the first time and went around and visited Reg and Mary. Unlike the drive up on the long weekend in May 2004, the traffic was really good and we did not have any major delays.

On the 28th we again were out in the boat, but this time stopped off at Copper Island where (like in 2004) we hiked to the top. After the 35 degree temperature and hiking to the top, we actually jumped in the water and had a short swim. It felt very good after the unseasonably warm temperatures. On Sunday we slept in and then went golfing with Glen's parents. We got a ride in Glen's parents new truck to the golf course. We're just now getting into Surrey so I've timed the writing of this rather well. Hopefully I'll do better in keeping things up to date. Time will tell...

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