Similar to how in early 2005 we didn't update our site for a good long while, the same can be said for 2006. It's worse though in that in 2005 we at least updated our site at the end of May. This year, it's my (Glen's) birthday, late July, as I am writing this. With so much time as yet unjournaled I'll do a quick run through of things that have jumped out in my memory, and/or that I have a picture for. As I write, Susan is driving, and we are getting close to the toll-booth. We will probably have dinner in Hope, so hopefully I have enough time to make a good dent in describing our year so far.

Our last entry was our Christmas 2005 newsletter. Since then, we've done many things. Here is a quick summary.

We held Christmas 2005 at our house, with Jimmy, Ellen, and the kids over on Christmas day. We talked on the phone to various family members, including Glen's parents who were down in California at Gold Rock, and to Susan's parent's, who spent their Christmas in Calgary. Not only did we have a good Christmas lunch, we also played some games. Christmas evening Ellen had to work, so family left late afternoon and we had Christmas dinner at Nancy and Simon's.

For New years, we had a number of friends over to our house and brought in the year with them.

As we got into the year, we spent some time working on the house. We painted all the rooms upstairs, including the office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room. With Susan spending her usual time doing some travelling for work, one weekend when she was in Prince George Glen painted the bathroom while she was away and surprised her when she was back. Besides painting, we also did a few other things such as build some shelves downstairs which gave us a bit more organizational capability.

Besides working on the house, we also experienced some time outdoors, including a hike around lighthouse park in February.

In March when Glen's parents returned from the South, we went to Sun Peaks for a weekend of skiing with them and Zachary and Rebecca.

Much of the spring was spent doing things around our new house. We were impressed with many of the plants about the house, including a rose bush out back with some very nice roses, and a flowering bush out front. Glen's parents came to town on the Easter long weekend and we had a various productive weekend with Glen's brothers family helping us get our yard in better shape. We started with a big tree in the back yard, that by the end of Saturday, was cut down.

We also arranged to have our place painted on the exterior. The before and after shots are quite noticeably different, on the front (1 2), side (1 2), and back (1 2). Some people find the new green overwhelming, but we really like it.

As we got into summer, we got a BBQ and held a few back yard BBQs with friends over. Actually, in July Susan held her work party at our place and we had a bouncy castle in the back yard!

One thing that definitely threw a wrench in things is that as it got to be summer, Glen was assigned to a project in Calgary. This means that I have been flying to Calgary every Monday morning and flying back every Friday afternoon. The one advantage is that Calgary is close to the Rockies and so has allowed a few week night trips out to Canmore or Banff to do some hiking.

Because of the new house, Glen working in Calgary, we didn't get to the lake as much as usual. Some weekends we spent in town having fun, including one where we spent the day walking around downtown looking at Spirit Bears.

Although we spent more time than usual at home, we did also get to the lake. We've had Eddy and Pauline and family out in the last few days, and did a hike up to the top of Copper Island, as well as celebrating Glen's birthday.

That is a quick overview of the year up until late July, hopefully I can find some time to journalize the rest of year. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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