It is the evening of Monday, August 27 as I write this. I am guessing that this will probably be the last update that has as title Susan and Glen whatever..., and we will have to add on another name. That will be good. Even though the due date was August 23, we haven't yet had the baby.

In the last update I made mention that we were hoping to get to the lake one more time, specifically on the August long weekend. The heat this summer really hasn't been too bad. The pregnancy itself has gone really well as well. Susan was however slowed down to the speed of a turtle for the last few weeks of July. She found that sitting for any period of time caused stiffness to get much worse, so we decided we would stay in town for the August long weekend. Once into August, and once she went off on maternity leave which allowed her to avoid sitting for prolonged periods, she has got much better.

As July came to a close, we worked to get the nursery into final shape, and also to learn all the details about all the baby gear we would soon be using. We really have to thank all our friends, especially Pauline and Eddy and Dave and Miriam, who handed down to us so much stuff. We had fun learning how to use the gear. In August we decided that we should attend a BCAA/ICBC child seat installation inspection clinic. For those of you still to have kids and who might want to attend one of these in the future, we highly recommend that you book yourself into one early. We tried to get into any of the sessions being ran anywhere in the lower mainland (including all the way out to Chilliwack / Mission / West Vancouver). We were lucky to grab the second to last spot available going on at the firehall in Richmond. We drove 50 minutes out and 50 minutes back one evening to talk for about 10 minutes with the firemen there. It was a nice drive, and we were glad we did it even if it's benefit was mainly to confirm that we were installing the seat correctly.

Early/mid-August Glen's parents came down to drop off our niece Rebecca, who had stayed on at the Lake with Glen's parents after their trip to the Kootenays for the annual family reunion. While they were here we had a BBQ with Glen's parents and Jim and Ellen and Zachary, Rebecca, and Jessica.

The weekend later, Pauline and Rita were over to visit Susan. On the Monday, Susan's parents flew into town. Until the baby is born, they are staying at Susan's sister's Shirley's place. Once the baby is born, and we have settled into a bit of a pattern (or 1 week, whichever comes first), they will be moving into our house. They plan to be here for a couple of months which will be a great help.

This past Friday, we held a BBQ. In attendance was of course Susan and myself, Shirley, Susan's parents, Susan's Aunt Fong, Susan's Aunt Ruth and Uncle Herbie, Ruth's parents, Nancy, Simon, and Gregory and Rachel, and Jim, Ellen, Zachary, Rebecca, and Jessica, and Susan's cousin Sam. Total in attendance, 20. With Susan being one day over due on the day of the BBQ, she was definitely eating for two, so it was a good thing we had lots of food. Susan's parents spent a good part of the day preparing food and I don't exaggerate when I say we could have fed 100.

On Sunday, 3 days overdue, we decided to go for a drive and short hike up Seymour Mountain. My thought was that you hear stories about people doing what sounds like crazy things when labour sets in, and we were hoping that labour would start while up there. We could clearly imagine the talk it would cause "What were they thinking, going up Mount Seymour when they were 3 days overdue?" Our thought was that if labour started, all the better. No baby/labour started, but we did get a good view of Burnaby, as well as some other good pictures while at the top.

Today (Monday), Susan was in to see her doctor. He says he kind of expects her to go into labour this week. If she hasn't by Friday, she will be in for a test to make sure the baby isn't stressed in the cramped quarters. Assuming the little one is happy in the cramped quarters, he will be left for the weekend. If labour doesn't start on the labour day weekend, then it will be time to be induced. So no matter what happens, we should have a little one with us within a week.

I of course will endeavour to get some pictures and news up here, but I sure you'll understand if I find things busy and take a while :-)

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