It is the evening of Sunday, September 9 as I write this. One week ago to the moment (on Sunday, September 2) we were in the Burnaby General Hospital. At 11:50 p.m. we were ecstatic to welcome to the world our first-born baby daughter, Kayla Irene Oi Yan Scott. Birthweight: 9lbs 4oz. Height: 20.5"

I guess early labour started on Friday evening, but Susan didn't even recognize it as such. On Saturday, she was still feeling good, feeling something, but not suspecting labour. We were out in the yard doing some gardening even. Saturday night, things really started to roll about 2 or 3 a.m. Sunday morning, something was happening (labour we only discovered later) with amazing regularity, a real pull about every 10 minutes.

Although we had been told to not go to the hospital until contractions were about 5 minutes apart, we called the hospital a couple of times Sunday morning simply because Susan wasn't able to keep anything down. Food, drink, even water would come right back up soon after it went down. At about noon they told us to come in so Susan could be put on an I.V. to avoid becoming dehydrated.

When we arrived a little after one and Susan was examined, we were told she was in labour. Great! We were very lucky as we were the only people in the hospital birthing suites for the whole time we were there, so we got great attention. The whole experience at Burnaby General was just great. The nurses we would really like to commend would include our two birthing suite nurses, Luba and Masumeh, and the nurses who looked after us in the maternity ward for the days following, specifically Anne, Marilynne, Brooke, and Champa. Dr. Roy, our OB/GYN, was also great! He showed up to deliver late Sunday night, even though he wasn't the OB/GYN on call. I am positive we would have had great care no matter what, but I think we were extra lucky in that the maternity ward during our time there was also very quiet. Marilynne mentioned there were three babies in who she had to look after, while a couple of weeks earlier it had been eighteen!

On recognizing labour was starting, we phoned Glen's parents who were at church in Anglemont at the time. They drove right down. Shirley and Susan's parents also came into the hospital to be in attendance for the birth. So when it happened at 10 to midnight, we had close family there to meet Kayla. We were certainly happy parents when Kayla appeared.

Another great thing about Burnaby General is that they allow Dads of newborns to stay over. I feel privileged that I was able to be right there to get all the training that Susan was receiving from the nurses. I was the first to learn how to change diapers, and I think I'm still the best between the two of us at it (something I'm sure Susan wants to keep true, so that she can always send "the expert" to do the sometimes dirty job). It was great to be there 24 hours a day for the first few days, getting to play with Kayla whenever I wanted. I stayed over Sunday night (of course), and Monday night, then went home on Tuesday while Kayla and Susan stayed in. I needed to get some uninterrupted rest so that I could be at full strength when they came home on Wednesday.

Wednesday night family came over and we got some good pictures of a good majority of Kayla's extended family. On Thursday Glen's parents drove back to Anglemont. Susan's parents, from Calgary, will be staying here on the coast for a couple of months before they go back, and so it has been and will be of great help, having them help look after things such as grocery shopping and preparing meals. They are currently staying at Shirley's, and also taking advantage of being here in order to visit with Susan's Aunt Fong. They of course have also had great fun visiting with Kayla.

Earlier today, just before turning one week old, I took Kayla out for a walk in a Snuggli. She also got dressed up fully so she could be protected from the sun. We walked down to the bank and to the post office where we mailed her registration of birth.

We have some semblance of order in our lives, we're appreciative of the all the help from family, especially Susan's parents. On Tuesday, I'll be going back to work. I'm sure it will be tough to be away from my new expanded family, but we'll get through it... billions have before as I've been saying...

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