I'm writing this the evening of Saturday, July 14 as we drive back from the Shuswap after a week of holidays. We decided to drive back Saturday evening to avoid having to drive in the day and also to avoid the heavy traffic into Vancouver on Sunday afternoon. Our year so far? As we got into 2007 a lot of our time has been spent preparing for the baby we are expecting August 23, 2007. From May 16 to June 20, a period of 6 weeks, we spent every Wednesday evening for two hours in a birth and labour preparation course. The course was offered through Douglas College and given at Burnaby General Hospital (which is where we are planning to go to give birth), and is lead by a Dula named Pauline. She gives a great course and I'm sure taught us all a lot about the details of giving birth to a baby.

At the end of March Glen's friend Nikita moved into our basement, part time. Nik's full time job as an amublance attendant has her working a 4-on-4-off shift. She spends half her time at home in Nanaimo, and the other half her time with us in Burnaby. With long hours we don't get to see her much, but the occassional visit to Anton's with Nik has been great.

We got a sizable tax return which allowed us to buy some new furniture to refurnish our upstairs living room. I'm looking forward to using the recliner/rocker to relax with the baby once the small one is here :-)

Our plan has been that we will turn what had been our office (upstairs) into the nursery so we spent a few weekends organizing the office, and got Shaw in to install a high speed internet connection to our downstairs. So for the past couple of months we have had the office downstairs and have been slowly working towards turning the upstairs room into the nursery. In this coming week it should take a big step forward when we take possession of a lot of hand-me-downs we are getting. When we passed through Kamloops a couple of hours ago, we got a loaner cradle from Hank and Liz Giddens. In the next couple of days we will be meeting up with Susan's friend Pauline from who we are getting a lot of stuff. Pauline and Eddy have moved all their stuff from Edmonton in the past week since they are in the middle of moving to Kuwait. Having a couple of kids, they're done with a lot of stuff they can pass down to us. We also are getting things from Glen's friends Dave and Miriam who probably also are finished having kids. With their second boy Alexander who was born early this year, they're not that far ahead in age than we will be, but with the speed with which kids grow, we can definitely get some stuff that Alexandar will just be done with. Having Eddy and Pauline drive their stuff from Edmonton was also convenient for getting the stuff from Dave and Miriam since they too live in Edmonton.

On the May long weekend we drove up to the Shuswap with Zachary and Rebecca squished into the backseat of the car. I got away from work early for the afternoon and so we got to the Shuswap in pretty good time. Jimmy, Ellen, and Jessica came up on the Saturday evening. On Saturday during the day before Jim and Ellen arrived, we had taken The Magic Carpet (our boat) through Little River to Little Shuswap. Although the water was very high, it wasn't deep enough, we put a chip into the prop on the way back upstream when we hit bottom :-(. The ride back to Anglemont was made with more vibration than usual, and the nick put an end to boating for the weekend. Even thought boating was done for the weekend, Zachary and Susan spent some time studying good boating practices. A week later, Susan and Zachary wrote their pleasure craft operating exam, and both passed!

On Monday, May 28, Glen's parents came to town since Glen's Uncle Earl and Aunt Raquel were flying in to spend the summer visiting in Canada (they are from Chile). Related to the chipped prop, I had found that the good prop repair companies were only open business hours Monday to Friday so we had Glen's parents drop off the prop at RYM Propellers in Richmond. Earl and Raquel flew in on Tuesday, and that night we held a BBQ in our backyard, where besides us and Earl and Raquel and Glen's parents, we also had over Jim and Ellen and the kids, plus the Fengs (friends of Jim & Ellen's who were originally from Peru and enjoyed speaking Spanish with Earl and Raquel). It was a good evening of visiting. On Wednesday, Glen's parents and Earl and Raquel left to drive back to the Shuswap (which is not only where Glen's parents live but Earl and Raquel have property as well).

In June Glen was able to return to playing volleyball an hour a week through a work team, which was great after having to miss the 2006 "season" due to working in Calgary. Susan too was busy with once a week Yoga (pre-natal).

On Friday, June 15 we drove to our cabin to spend the weekend. Earl and Raquel came over to Anglemont and stayed at Glen's parents' place, while we stayed at ours. We of course went over and visited with the parents and Earl and Raquel. We took a boat ride over to our old cabin, which everyone enjoyed seeing, especially Earl and Raquel since they too had spent a lot of time there. We had everyone over for dinner. We also took some pictures of Susan since we really hadn't taken a lot showing that Susan was actually pregnant.

On the Canada Day long weekend we were again back at the Lake. Jim, Ellen, and the Kids made the trip too and stayed at Glen's parents'. During the weekend, Glen practiced volleyball with Rebecca. Rebecca is a great player and has helped Glen get better for his games at work. Earl and Raquel also came over to visit. One thing that we noticed was that we had not yet seen a squirrel or chipmunk, which we still haven't seen. Very unusual as they are usually regular visitors to our place. We did see a rabbit in our yard, which we have since seen again (just earlier today on July 14th actually). We again held dinner at our place, actually cooking a Turkey which we had purchased in the 2006 Christmas season but had never got round to eating, believe it or not. Jim and Ellen left on Sunday to return to their home ont the coast, Earl and Raquel left on the Monday, and we finally left on Tuesday (we had that day off). We got back home quite early in the day. It was a nice short week for us, as we had just 3 days of work before it was holidays for us.

Our holiday isn't the next thing to report though. On Friday, Susan again hosted her work summer BBQ. Susan's co-workers actually used the BBQ as a baby shower for Susan as well. We got a good number of baby gifts as well as a very nice bouquet of flowers. We had about 35 people in our back yard. The BBQ turned out very well, with the final guests leaving a bit before 9:00. A bit after 9:00 Anna called to see if we wanted to come over to see a movie. Being on holidays, we accepted. It was nice to visit as their house which has been under major reconstruction now for almost two years, is almost complete. Their home theatre in their downstairs is finally together, and so we enjoyed You Only Live Twice, a Sean Connery James Bond. On Saturday, we cleaned our place up and finally left for the lake late in the afternoon.

We arrived at our cabin 11:15 Saturday night. We slept in Sunday morning (as we did almost every morning). Highlights of the week? It was very hot and sunny, so we can't complain about the weather for the time we were there. We went for a boat ride just about every day, and swam in the middle of the lake to cool off. Susan found it was beneficial in a couple of ways. Not only was the daily swim beneficial for cooling off (something important when you're pregnant and it's hot I'm told), but also beneficial in that being able to float in the water in the middle of the lake was great for getting pressure from the baby off Susan's back. Other than bad mosquitos, we had a very nice time on the sandy beaches of Anstey Arm. Glen tried all the water sports. Waterskiing, kneeboarding, and tubing. Plus the daily swim to and from the boat while it was tied up on the Miller's bouy. On Monday, we went into Kamloops for the day with Glen's parents. We had lunch at Glen's god-mother Jeanette's house, and also did quite a bit of shopping around the town. We found some good buys in Dollarama, a great dollar store right down town. We also purchased some side (stacking) tables that we're now using at the Lake, at the new Jysk up near the new Sport Mart and Home Sense/Winners. We played cards with Glen's parents almost every night. We had a few nights of double/triple/quad solitaire. And we also had some great games of 10-up-10-down. We watched a few movies, both Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and The Italian Job. Susan and I also watched a daily episode of Frasier or Dukes of Hazzard (having these on DVD). With our coming back late on Saturday, we stopped in for dinner in Kamloops. We went for a very good dinner at Peter's Pasta which is a great little restaurant on Victoria Street in Kamloops (across from the downtown Royal Bank). The place has been in business for 24 years now. I remember eating the world's best Caesar Salad there in '91 or '92. Dave Shanks took me there saying they had the best Caesar Salad. It still serves a great salad and pasta.

Now as it gets close to 1:00 in the morning, we are just arriving home. 1 last day of holiday before we are back at work on Monday.

We hope to get back to the lake for the August long weekend, but we know that's up in the air, depending on how the pregnancy and summer heat go over the coming couple of weeks. Wish us luck :-)

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