Summer 2008 was quite late starting, but once it did it was very nice. With Susan still off on maternity leave, Kayla and Susan spent some nice times. Kayla this summer has been moving towards walking, she likes to use the Fisher Price toy we bought after getting back from Alaska, as she had had liked this toy about the ship. The little car helps Kayla walk. We went to the lake for the July long weekend and had a nice time. Our friends Richard and Grace and their boys Ben and Josh joined us for the weekend. It was an especially hot weekend! Susan and Kayla stayed at the lake for the week while Glen went back to Burnaby to work for the few days. While there, our backyard was looking good. At the lake Kayla continued to really get along well with stuffed animals such as Larry the Lake bear. Kayla really enjoys her time in the water, but surpisingly almost always falls asleep whenever we go anywhere in the boat. When Glen returned to the lake the weekend after the long weekend, he took nieces Rebecca and Jessica back with him, so Grandpa got to spend his birthday with all of his granddaughters. As mentioned, Kayla really likes her time in the water and has gone for many swims in the middle of the lake. A small gift given at one of Glen's work lunches was a bathing suit and island for Kayla, which she has really enjoyed.

Just before Glen's birthday both Susan and Kayla flew to Calgary for a week and visited with Susan's parents. At the end of the week, Glen drove to Calgary where they all spent a few days. While there we all went to the zoo where we saw many things such as elephants, and just generally had fun. After half a week in Calgary we all left and drove to Sylvan Lake where we spent half a week at Glen's family reunion. There was over 50 people in attendance, many babies similar age to Kayla. When the reunion was over, we left and headed west. The first day for lunch we went in to Crimson Lake. We got a little lost after lunch, and then Glen got a speeding ticket when we were again looking for the highway :-/

We stayed in West Lake Louise, a hotel just in BC on the Trans Canada Highway. We arrived back at our cabin in time for the long weekend. Susan's friends Rita and Pauline, and Pauline's kids and niece came to our cabin for the long weekend. We had good times on the beach. For the latter part of the week, we had Glen's coworker Jen and Zach, and their daughter Jasmine join us. We had good fun going for boat rides, and Jasmine and Kayla being of similar age got along just like old buddies.

Since Kayla seems to have a knack for music, we have taken some of Glen's drums down from the attic at the cabin and Kayla has picked up the skill surprisingly well.

Late August we spent one weekend driving North of Pemberton with Susan's sister Shirley where we hiked Joffre Lakes. The book told us it was a 6 hour round hike, and we reached the top after about 4 hours. We completed the round trip in about six and a half hours. We were certainly tired after hiking the round trip, with Glen carrying Kayla in her pack on his back!

The labour day weekend was taken as a four day weekend at the lake. Susan's sister Shirley was on holidays the week leading up to labour day weekend, and spent her time driving through Penticton, and then on to the Shuswap where she stayed with Glen's parents. As it got into the weekend, we held a dinner party forKayla's birthday on August 31. We held the party a couple of days before Kayla's birthday so that Shirley and everyone could attend dinner as well as see her open and play with her presents. The day after (Monday) Shirley left. When Kayla fell asleep at the lunch table we were joking that her party the night before had been a wild one. The Monday afternoon we decided to do something we had never done before, and that was to take a back logging rode to Sun Peaks. We got to Sun Peaks after about an hour and a half of driving, and had a pleasant time walking around and enjoying the Sun Peaks summer scenery. On Tuesday, Kayla's actual birthday, we drove home and had dinner at home.

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