Ok, technically the start of fall is not until later September, but in my mind fall starts in September. We started off fall well by celebrating Kayla's birthday with a small party at our house the weekend after Labour Day (yes, it was Kayla's second party, the first being with family at the lake the weekend before). Besides us, we had Josh and Ben and Grace and Richard, as well as Anna, Stephen's mom, and Cyan, Shirley, and Jim, Ellen, Zachary, Rebecca, and Jessica over for lunch, some sitting around in the backyard, and some close, competitive, backyard bocce. Rebecca continued her streak of winning, winning every bocce tournament game she has been in during the last three years (at least). On Sunday, we went hiking with Nikita, Richard, and Grace, and the kids from the top of Seymour Mountain to a beautiful view, the hike being called Dog Mountain. A gorgeous view for only being just over an hour of a hike in!

The weekend after that just the three of us went on one of our favourite hikes, Brothers Creek. In the last dozen years we've probably done this hike an average of at least once a year. This was our fist time to do the hike though since 2006 since we didn't do it while Susan was pregnant or since Kayla had been born.

The following weekend I drove down to Seattle on the Friday morning to attend a 3 day developers conference called No Fluff Just Stuff. A good programmer focussed conference that I had last attended in the fall of 2006 in Calgary. Due to the fact that it was a PD day in the lower mainland on the Friday, Glen's parents came down to spend some time with Zachary, Rebecca, and Jessica, and Susan and Kayla appreciated having them stay over so she wasn't all alone in our house. I believe there was at least one dinner and visiting by the cousins while I was away. I got back late on Sunday night.

The last weekend of September, the three of us plus Ellen and Jessica drove in our car to the lake. Ellen and Jessica wanted to go as, like Kayla, they will be baptized on the Thanksgiving weekend. We had met with the minister about Kayla's baptism on the Labour Day weekend, but Ellen and Jessica hadn't met with her. The drive up on Friday had a pleasant surprise, that being that the premier announced on Friday afternoon that the Coquihalla was no longer a toll highway, so we were one of the first over the highway without it having a toll. On the Saturday, we had a reasonably full day. In the morning, we all hiked up to Evelyn Falls. In the afternoon, I drained the motor of the Magic Carpet (our boat), and we spent some time having fun in Glen's parents' back yard. On Sunday, we all went to church and enjoyed a lovely pot luck afterwards. On the drive back to the lower mainland, we took a little longer than planned as we stopped in Kamloops to try to finalize our house's stairwell posts, spindles, and railing. The reason we were looking in Kamloops is that Glen's dad was going to pick up the parts, do some cuts, and then bring it to our house in his truck when they come down in October on their way South. It was about 2:30 when we arrived in Kamloops, and was 5:00 before we left after having visited 5 different hardware/lumber stores in both South and North Kamloops! It is 6:30pm as I write this in the snowshed just past Zopkios Ridge. We'll stop in Hope for dinner, and then hopefully be home by 9:00.

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