Last I wrote we were driving back from the lake, and here it is, three weeks later, and we are doing the same thing. Susan is driving the Borrego, and we've just left Kamloops. Last time I didn't give much description of our time at the lake, here's a picture of a visit we made to the Cassel's, we went over by boat and Owen was out with his grandparents as well, so Kayla and he had a good time visiting.

This time at the lake the big event was my dad's 70th birthday party. A big shindig at which about 35 people attended. It was originally to be a surprise, but it really didn't turn out to be, the only surprise for him was who exactly was going to be there. Today we went out in the boat, and toured around and went for a swim in the middle of the lake. It was nice to cool down before our drive back. Kayla had a nice time swimming in the middle of the lake although she wasn't as easy going in as she was last summer (this was her first time this year).

Three weeks ago we did pick up the Borrego from Applewood Kia on the Saturday morning. On Sunday we went for a drive. The Golden Ears Bridge had opened about a week before, and was going to be free (without toll) for only about a month, so we went for a drive over the bridge, from Maple Ridge to Langley. Then we went down to Fort Langley towards the Albion Ferry, which the Golden Ears bridge was replacing. The ferry was going to take it's last sailing in about three weeks now that the bridge was open, so it was good to ride it back across from Fort Langley to Maple Ridge.

Last weekend we took the Borrego on it's first distance trip, going to the lake. We didn't take the boat out, and instead had a very nice drive on the Saturday along Meadowcreek Road and some backroads above Celista. After that dusty trip we washed the car clean.

This past Wednesday on Canada'a 142nd birthday (Canada Day), we took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay over to Bowen Island with Richard and Grace and Ben and Josh, the seven of us in the Borrego with a little bit of gear in the back. We had a great day as Bowen Island has a nice Canada Day celebration that has a good small time feel. After the holiday celebrations we spent some time at the beach.

We're back to the lake in two weeks, then two weeks after that we take our drive to Saskatchewan for the annual family reunion/golf tournament. Fun filled summer!

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