Melissa Ann Mei Yan Scott

Melissa Ann Mei Yan Scott joined us Saturday November 14, 2009, at 7:00 in the evening. This was the exact due date that had been predicted.

Friday night we had been at home watching TV (NUMB3RS). As the show was ending at about 11:00, Susan started to feel the first pangs of early labour. In order to get as good of a rest as possible, we immediately went to bed. At around 2:30 in the morning, things advanced to contractions happening every 20 minutes. In the morning things progressed more, and by about 10:30 were down to every five or six minutes, leading us to go to Burnaby General Hospital.

Unlike when Kayla was born, the birthing suites were very busy when we were there. Things progressed well, and at 7:00 on the nose, Melissa joined us!

Being the due date, Glen's parents had left their place in Anglemont that morning, and so had stopped in at the hospital earlier in the afternoon, and then came back a little after Melissa was born to meet their newest granddaughter. Susan's parents had arrived from Calgary a few weeks earlier, and Shirley and her parents when Melissa was born. Kayla had spent the day with Shirley and then later at Jim and Ellen's with Glen's parents.

The three of us spent two nights at the hospital. Although we had requested a private room, there was not one available, and so we moved into a semi-private when we went down to the maternity ward. We were the only one in it though, and at about 2:00 in the morning the nurse came in to say she could confirm that no-one else would be moving in, so I could move out of the chair I had been sleeping in, into the room's second bed.

On Sunday day, a wide variety of people came to visit and meet Melissa, including Kayla for her first visit. We spent the day learning the personality of our new little girl, while Kayla had a good time with her grandparents.

On Monday we came home. Glen had the week off, so got to spent time getting to know Melissa. Kayla spent a few days with us in our new family of four, before she went back to day-care for her last few weeks before she was out of the program to have a year off with mom and Melissa at home.

They say that each child is very much their own personality, and we have certainly been learning that with Melissa. As well, even things such as burping techniques that we learned with Kayla are quite different with Melissa. Being parents, it's not easy, but as I've said before "billions have done it before us", and it is something I recommend.

Welcome Melissa!

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