After two short weeks back at work after our drive to Saskatchewan for the annual family reunion followed by our quick visit with Kirsten and Detlef, we were off again for a week of summer holidays. Friday, August 21 we took the ferry to Langdale from Horseshoe Bay, and after a couple of hours we showed up at Pender Bay Resorts on the Sunshine Coast, where we checked in to a trailer home with our friends Richard and Grace for the weekend. Grace's classmates from pharmacy have for years been getting together for an annual reunion and travelling somewhere in the province. This year we were lucky enough to be invited along to take part in the event. On the Saturday, a good majority of the classmates went on an hour long hike to Skookumchuck Narrows to see the ebb tides, while there we had a picnic. The ebb tides were supposedly at a strong point for the day while we were there. The point we were at looked more like a raging river than the ocean. Supposedly some days the whirlpools can be bigger than others, even rumoured to be 10 or 15 feet deep. Sometimes the water rushes through here so fast the different in water height between the two sides can be as much as 2 metres. Although not as big as the technical specs say it can be, it was still neat to see on the day we were there. Later in the afternoon we went to Francis Marine Park, which totally reminded me of Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver.

On the Sunday, on the way back home, we stopped in at Davis Beach, just south of Sechelt, for a few hours. We spent several fun filled hours on the beach. In Gibsons, we ate dinner at Molly's Reach, the restaurant that was in the later years of the TV show The Beachcombers. Then we got in line for the return ferry at about 6:40, and we missed the 6:50 ferry, but were told we would probably make the 7:40 ferry. We did not however make that ferry, and so had to wait for the last ferry at 9:40, which got us home at a late hour.

On Monday, we refilled the Borrego and got on the road to go to our cabin for the week. We arrived a little before dinner, and had dinner at Glen's parents place. On Tuesday, Glen's dad and Glen started work on the deck, replacing some deck boards which were rotting. On Tuesday evening, Richard and Grace and Ben and Josh showed up in time for dinner. On Wednesday we spent part of the day working on our deck, adding pickets to the deck railing, making it safer for young kids. Then for the afternoon we went out and had some fun swimming in the middle of the lake, and riding the tube. Although six months pregnant, Susan had fun riding the tube with Ben and Grace. And Kayla, not yet 2, had fun riding the tube with myself, Ben, and Grace. Kayla had a blast, anytime I asked her if we should signal to stop, she definitively said NO. She laughed uproariously anytime we went over some bumps. Richard had a service call late in the day, so Richard and myself spent a bit of time late in the day debugging a problem his company's service, holiday fun when you've got your own business :-) On Thursday, we again spent some time working on the pickets, before we went out for some more fun in the boat in the lake later in the afternoon. On Friday, Richard and Grace left. We had a quiet day spent around home. On Saturday, Glen's dad was back helping Glen work some more on the deck, this time working on the back deck, and by lunch time we had completed replacing all boards that were in any state of rot. In the afternoon we went out in the boat, and went to Copper Island to find a geo-cache (succesful), and the up the lake for a bit of swimming with Glen's parents. The air was filled with smoke, as there was quite a big forest fire burning on Notch Hill. On Sunday after waffles at Glen's parents, we headed home and got home just before 6:00 in time for dinner and preparing for the coming work week.

It will be a short week, as we're booked off this coming Friday to lead into Labour Day, giving us a 4 day weekend after this coming 4 day week. We plan to be back at the lake this coming long weekend. The weekend after we are hosting Kayla's second birthday party, with the numbers currently confirmed at 15 kids and 19 adults.

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