It is the afternoon of Saturday, January 3, 2009 as I write this. We had planned to go out for some shopping today, but as I made mention of a previous update, the snow this year in the lower mainland has been very heavy, and it has not let up yet. It was snowing when we got up this morning, and it is still snowing now. Supposedly this is supposed to be the end of it, as it is supposed to turn to rain tonight and tomorrow. But for now, we're snowbound at home.

The snow has not stopped a merry holiday season by any means. Susan and Kayla have both been off the past two weeks straight, and I (Glen) have been off for the last week and a half. It has been very nice! Snow, snow, snow!!! We've had some fun in it.

Glen's uncle Van came to town on the afternoon of the 23rd. Glen was working that day, and also the morning of the 24th. Van, Susan, Kayla, and Shirley all went downtown on the morning of the 24th. Susan went to a physio appointment to get straightened out for the holiday season, while the rest went shopping, including a trip to Granville Island to get some seafood. After they all joined up, they all picked me (Glen) up from work, and we all went to Hon's House of Noodles in Chinatown for lunch. Shirley took us out, thanks Shirley! Snow was heavy that day, which stopped Jimmy and Ellen from taking their planned trip to Ellen's parent's place in Chilliwack. Since they were in town, we were able to all have dinner at our place on Christmas Eve. This was to be our first of four dinners with them over the next four days. We opened a couple of Christmas presents each since they were planning to go to Chilliwack Christmas morning.

Christmas morning was of course spent opening some presents. For Christmas dinner, we had been planning to go to Nancy and Simon's for dinner, but due to the heavy snow and the fact they live quite far up in North Vancouver, near the base of Grouse Mountain, this plan was called off and replaced with an invite to go to Susan's Aunt Fong's place for Christmas dinner. We had an enjoyable time eating good food and playing many rounds of Bingo.

In the days leading up to Christmas, and all days following Christmas, we took a daily trip hunting through the stores looking for road salt and snow shovels, and were never successful. We had one snow shovel, but often with a few people around, it would have been nice to have more than one. Also being plastic, the edge was starting to go under such heavy usage. Even on Christmas day, we spent some time outside in the snow, shovelling the driveway.

On the Sunday after Christmas, Van left in his Escape, which we would miss as it was the only vehicle we had taken out in the last week. On the Monday, we had a larger family open house Christmas party, with 18 people in attendance. Jim shows some good video from this party on his site.

We had originally thrown around the idea of taking a night out of town, maybe Seattle or Victoria, during our holidays, but with the roads in the condition they were in, we decided against it and decided instead to be a tourist in our own town. On December 30th we drove downtown, and had lunch at the excellent Fish House restaurant in Stanley Park. After lunch, we went over to the Vancouver Aquarium where we looked at fish, saw various sea creatures, including a neat beluga whale show, and a neat dolphin show with some high jumping dolphins! After the aquarium, we drove to Richmond so that Kayla could have time to nap and then we had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Oh yeah, while driving by Garden Works, we finally also succeeded in picking up two bags of salt!

For New Years, we had Grace and Richard and Ben and Josh over for dinner and a mid-night celebration. We had a good evening of chatting and visiting, before rushing down to the TV for the countdown in the last minute before midnight.

It is still snowing now, so I guess we won't be driving anywhere today. Maybe a walk? Then it's back to work/daycare for all of us on Monday!

By the way, here is a picture of a snowman we have made this afternoon, the afternoon of Jan 3, 2009.

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