Susan's parents are talking that they will be moving to the Lower Mainland, so for possibly the last visit to their place in Calgary, Susan and the girls flew to Calgary first weekend in November. They spent the week visiting with family in Calgary. Glen drove out on Remembrance day, having Friday as well as Remembrance Day Thursday off due to flex days. We went out for dinner to celebrate Melissa's first birthday. For the drive back, we broke it into two days, the first day we drove to Salmon Arm and stayed in the Holiday Inn Express where we had fun in the swimming pool and eating at East Side Mario's, then the second day, Melissa's birthday proper, we stopped in Kamloops for four hours at The Kamloops Wildlife Park, which Melissa seemed to enjoy greatly (we picked it because we thought we would like it for her birthday and she did). We arrived back in Burnaby late on Sunday night. The next week we had more Melissa parties. The largest attended we seem to have no pictures of, but it was certainly a good time!

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