July 1 this year was on a Thursday. So just like some past years, we went with Richard and Grace and family to Bowen Island by Ferry on Canada Day. Canada Day celebrations are always fun in this small town.

On Friday, the 2nd, Susan and the girls went with the Stratfords in their big SUV to our cabin while Glen stayed at home and worked. Luckily I got my day in early, so I was able to drive up later in the afternoon. Having no one with me, I didn't have to stop, and so got to the cabin at a bit after 8:00 just as they were cooking dinner, and not long really after they had got there.

A couple of weekends later we took a day to go hiking at Cypress Mountain. I carried Melissa on my back in a pack, Susan carried the day's gear, and we were impressed by Kayla who hiked it all, about 6 kilometres up and down some serious elevation. We even hiked to a lookout overlooking Bowen Island (where we had been a few weeks earlier.

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