On Saturday, January 2, at 6:00pm sharp we held the one month celebration for the arrival of Melissa at the Burnaby Palace Restaurant. Although there were a few last minute drop-outs due to various things, we had well over 50 in attendance being served good food at 5 full size tables (a b. Due to there being a few dropouts, there was always an empty chair at each table, which made visiting tables easier. Kayla enjoyed spending half her time eating at our table, and half her time visiting over at cousin Jessica's table. Melissa enjoyed making her rounds as well (lately we've been calling her a lap baby, as that's where she is happiest--in people's laps). There was a baby trivia game we ran, with 100% of the tables cheating and using internet connected phones to lookup answers (OK, in the initial rule explanation we badly ASSUMEd that people would use their own wisdom to compete honestly). Winning table was Isaac's table.

Admittedly the food delivery was a bit slow, as the restaurant downstairs (we had the full upstairs to our party) was overloaded, with a lineup out the door. But we had a good time and I think everyone enjoyed meeting Melissa.

Getting home late, and Sunday being my (Glen's) last day of Christmas holidays, we all enjoyed sleeping in. We did get next door to visit our neighbour's John and Lillian for some good Christmas cheer :-)

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