As winter approached and rumour became known that it was going to be cold, we decided we would try to ski more this year. Kayla had spent the year talking about skiing after being (almost carried) down the bunny hill a few times last winterat Sun Peaks. So we eagerly accepted when Eddy and Pauline invited us along on their weekend trip to Whistler late November. I (Glen) got a 5 day Whistler Edge card, and I would use a couple of days and the rest to use during flex days in the rest of the season. Susan got a 1 day edge card. I skied 2 days in a row while we stayed at the Whistler Village Inn & Suites, while Susan skied the last day. Susan and I had an excellent time. Kayla was peeved that we didn't take her, as I found that Whistler wasn't very good for taking her up a bunny hill, so we promised her we would take her skiing over the Christmas break, but that's a story for another time.

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