This year saw Glen's parents return for a few weeks from their annual snowbirding to spend the holidays with family in the north (here). They arrived Thursday evening, December 16. Just in time to help us host a Christmas brunch a few mornings later on Sunday morning, where we had great fun with many friends over for breakfast. Then on Wednesday the 22nd they left for their home, to prepare it for our arrival the day after Christmas, when both our family and Glen's brother's family would be arriving. A few days before Christmas we had Dave and Miriam and family over for dinner. Christmas proper we spent at home in the morning, opening presents and having fun. It was a nice to spend at home with family, Melissa's personality is really showing through, showing her sense of humour. For Christmas dinner we went to Nancy and Simon's for dinner and the annual bingo. On boxing day, we drove to Glen's parents, and arrived a couple of hours of Glen's brother's family had.

A couple of days later, we all got up early and drove to Silver Star (11 of us in two cars). As mentioned in an earlier posting, we had promised Kayla we would take her skiing over the holidays. Dave had recommended we get a kids ski harness and we had. It was wonderful! Kayla really picked skiing up, and she went down the bunny hill many times with me trailing behind holding the tethers, making sure she didn't go too fast. She did so well in the morning that after lunch we went over to one of the chairlifts with the most green runs, and she went up the chairlift a couple of times and down a few different green runs. After Kayla got tired and we dropped her with Glen's parents who were in the lodge looking after Melissa (and others who tired of skiing), Susan and I only got one run in before the hill closed. Although not a lot of time focussing on our own runs, we had a great time thouroughly happy that Kayla did so well. We'll have to go again!

After a few more days of Christmas cheer at Glen's parents, we all packed up and returned to the coast. For New Years eve, we had the Stratfords over, as has been common for the last few years. We had great fun with a music jam, as Glen had got an electronic drum kit for Christmas, and so all took part in making music, including Melissa who thouroughly enjoys music. She went to bed at about 10:00, Glen's parents about 11:00, and the rest rung in the new year proper at midnight. A fun time had by all in attendance!

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