On a weekend in late June we decided to take up the offer of Burnaby City's free admission to the Burnaby Village Museum. We hadn't been to the museum for many years, since before Kayla was born I believe. We packed a lunch and showed up early. Part of the site was cordoned off because there was a large company event day happening, but the majority of the facility was open including the carousel which we rode twice, once on first arriving then once just before we left late afternoon. After the early ride on the merry go round we went and learned about the train (tram) that used to run daily between Vancouver and New Westminster passing by Burnaby Lake. We then spent time in one of the village houses playing with fun period toys. We then had lunch in the Village pagoda. After lunch we went down and watched some very good Vaudeville singing and performing in a show performed in the basement of one of the village buildings (maybe the bank?). After the show we toured a few buildings and then watched the blacksmith for a bit. Since it was a hot day we enjoyed some ice cream. Upon leaving the girls fell asleep for their nap. An excellent day had by all.

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