In late February, the four of us went to Big White ski resort just outside Kelowna.

I (Glen) had skied at Big White 30+ years ago, when my Uncle Van lived close to it, but I hadn't been to it since the early 80s when it was still a small (in development) local ski mountain. Truthfully I had heard talk over the years of a lot of bad talk about the mountain, as it being a not serious ski mountain and all the serious skiers went to Sun Peaks outside Kamloops. So when we heard our friends Dave and Miriam and William and Alex, who live in Edmonton, were going to Big White and inquired whether we wanted to go when they were there, it was with interest yet trepidation that we made our plans and found ourselves checking in to the Big White Chalet.

Pleasantly, over the three days of skiing we spent there, we were very pleasantly surprised. The skiing was really good. The accomodations were excellent. The access to facilities in village are some of the best. And the extra things they put on for families is just wonderful.

Kayla spent time in three 1 hour personal lessons over three days. Kayla pulled Melissa in the sled around the village. Glen skied 1.5 days (half a day on the third day, the same day we also drove back home. Susan skied a full day. Besides the lesson time, I took Kayla for a few runs down one of the short chairlifts on the third day. As I mentioned, the hill puts on extra fun for families, and we one night went to a carnival where we all played games, Kayla earned tickets that won here a prize at the end of the night. Besides the games both girls also had their faces painted. Each day, the parent who wasn't skiing spent time around the village. I had lunch and skied half a day with Dave and Miriam and Will.

All in all, it was a surprisingly nice weekend. I think we will return in future years. I do know we plan to go to Sun Peaks next year, hopefully we find the time to also return here.

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