For Easter we went to the Shuswap and stayed with Glen's parents. We drove up on Thursday evening and arrived at Glen's parents late that night. On Friday morning we were up early and spending a bit of time playing piano. We spent the day not going too far, in the morning we hiked up to Evelyn Falls, and then spent the afternoon around the house colouring Easter Eggs.

On Saturday we got up early and were on the road with us and Glen's parents in our truck on the way to Kelowna. The reason for us going was because our niece Rebecca was in a soccer tournament in Kelowna. The drive down we went through Salmon Arm. Once in Kelowna, we watched one of Rebecca's soccer games, then spent a bit of time playing in a school yard park close to the soccer fields, then took Jessica and went downtown to City Park and walked around and played in the playground there, including some time on a neat zip line that was in the playground. After dropping Jessica back with her family and saying bye, we got on the road back to the Lake. We had dinner at the Boston Pizza in Vernon, on the day before it was closed down for renovations.

On Sunday, we got up and had a wonderful waffle breakfast then went out for an Easter Egg Hunt! Eggs and chocolates (including a few bunnies) were hidden all over the yard.

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