Friday, August 19, we headed off to Kelowna for the weekend. The primary reason for going was to attend Susan's cousin's Isaac's wedding to his fiance Renee. We checked in to the Comfort Suites, the same place that Nancy and Simon (and family) were staying, and the same place that Shirley, Richard (and family), and Susan's parents would be staying. Kayla had a great time swimming in the hotel pool over the weekend. In between the ceremony and the reception (all happening at the beautiful Manteo Resort) we took a drive up K.L.O. Road and had an ice cream and nap while parked at the Scenic Canyon Regional Park.

The next weekend we went to the PNE! Both Kayla and Melissa had their faces painted. We enjoyed some wonderful lemonade. We had great fun riding rides in Playland (Melissa and I went on the Kettle Creek Mine Coaster twice!! -- Mom and Kayla only went once)!

On Labour Day, we were joined at the lake by Jennifer and Zac and Corbin and Jazmine. We of course had great fun with watersport and eating lots of food! Both the trip there and back was fun as we had meals and stops together along the way (and did a pretty good job of having kids sleep in sync).

On the weekend of September 10 back at home we held Kayla's birthday party. It was very well attended, and we had a big cake from Costco.

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