In late March, we took our annual ski trip with the Stratfords and the Yaps. This year we decided to head in a different direction, and we took the ferry over to Vancouver Island (to Nanaimo from Horseshoe Bay) to head to Mount Washington. We had heard that Mount Washington had an unbelievable snow this year, and we found that when we got there. The door to our condo was fully under the snow.

Mount Washington was pleasant. It isn't nearly as developed as most other ski mountains. We had fun sledding and skiing. Susan had one full day of skiing, and I had one full day as well. Since the hill has night skiing, I was able to take full advantage and ski in the late afternoon of Susan's day as well as get a longer day on my day. I took Kayla skiing both days, one day (Susan's day) for a couple of hours late afternoon, and on my day for the full morning.

On the last day Richard took the boys to his parents place who live just by Victoria, and so we took Grace home. We had a good weekend. We're reasonably certain we will be back at Sun Peaks for next year as Kayla will probably be strong enough that she'll be skiing most of the day and we want to take her there to get familiar with it.

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