For the Thanksgiving weekend we along with the Stratfords went to our cabin for the long weekend. The attendance of the Stratfords was last minute, as they had been thinking they were going camping with Richard's parents, but at the last minutes those plans fell through and so we were more than happy to have them come along with us to the lake. We have many interests in common, including computers, riding bikes (and other things), and the girls always have fun learning from their interest in bugs (which neither Susan nor myself seem to ever teach them much about). We had a great big bonfire and cut down some trees with a chainsaw at Earl's property, as well as closed up our cabin in preparation for the winter. It was too late in the year to go for a boat ride, so hopefully next year we can have they can grace us with their presence (pun not intended) a couple of times, once in the summer for some boating fun, and once in the fall for Richard's bonfire and tree cutting interests.

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