As mentioned in our last year's newsletter, we spent Christmas dinner at Susan's cousins Nancy and Simon's annual Christmas dinner. We all had a few weeks off so had a very nice relaxing time. New Years we rung in at our place with the Stratford's. I went skiing with Kayla at Seymour on the carpet lift between Christmas and New Year's, which after a couple of days in lessons in early December, we continued every weekend in January right through to early March with lessons for Kayla every Saturday morning at about 11:30. Kayla and I skied every weekend then after. By mid February she was going down some easier black runs at Seymour, and handling blue and green runs very well.

In late January Glen's parents flew up to Bellingham and came to visit for just under a week. Jim picked them up from the Bellingham airport Saturday afternoon and then Susan took them back to Bellingham the following Friday and got a bit of time shopping.

Through these months both Kayla and Melissa were in swimming lessons every Sunday morning. While Kayla and dad were skiing on Saturday mornings, Melissa was in music lessons every Saturday morning. In later February we had a dinner with the Stratford's including Richard's brother, and friend Norman all over so we could plan the Sun Peaks ski weekend we were going to do in mid March. Also late February Susan's parents showed up to stay with us for a few weeks. They were acquainting themselves with the place they would be moving into which is just a few blocks away from us and Shirley. A few days after they left in March Glen's parents again showed up as they were passing through on their way back home. They stayed and looked after the girls for almost a week, and we left on the weekend on our annual ski weekend this year at Sun Peaks.

The four of us, the Stratford's, and Norman and his two daughters stayed in the Trail's Edge condo's at Sun Peaks, which is the same development we had stayed at a few years before. We played in snow around the condo and nearby we did some toboganning, and of course we had a couple of excellent days of skiing. Susan, Grace, Kayla, Norman, Brielle and Linnea (Norman's daughters), Ben, and Josh (for a short while) went skiing on the first day on Friday. Richard, Glen, Melissa, and Josh (for most of the day) spent the day around the condo. On Saturday Glen left early for skiing, then met up with Richard, Ben, Kayla, Norman, Brielle and Linnea for a great day of skiing. On Sunday we had to check out by 10:00, then we all enjoyed some time in the snow and of course did some toboganning. On coming back from the weekend Norman invited us all over so we had a fun time winding down from our weekend at Norman's place for dinner (take-out).

The next two weekends believe it or not Glen did more skiing, as due to skiing so much with Kayla still had 1 day pre-payed at Cypress Mountain and 1 day pre-payed at Whistler Blackcomb. Both days were gorgeous days of skiing. The day at Cypress I ran into Patrick so spent the day skiing with him. Views of the city and ocean were unobstructed and it was a gorgeous day. The last weekened in March was spent at Whistler skiing with one of my work colleagues Gareth who had 3 things on me:

  1. he works out regularly and so was in good shape,
  2. he has a condo in and a season's pass for Whistler and so skies more than I do and is definitely a better skier, and
  3. he has newer technology skis than I do
which collectively meant he was able to grind my legs into feeling lactic acid by about 10 in the morning. It was a great day of skiing, although I did have difficulty walking stairs the next few days after.

The first weekend in April was the Easter long weekend. We left on Thursday night after work and spent the weekend at Glen's parents, since it just didn't make sense to open up our cabin and pay for the water and other necessities when we wouldn't be back for almost a couple of months. We had a lovely relaxing time. We went to the lake, and of course both coloured and hunted for eggs, and ate chocolate. After the kids were in bed (and Glen on the Friday night due to being tired) we played cards, a great game called Hand and Foot. Women against the men, with women winning one night and men the other night. We also chopped up some firewood at our cabin and had a real workbee as there were a few trees on our neighbouring property that had been knocked down due to a storm. We also got a start on doing our taxes, and made a start on planning excursions on our upcoming cruise (which is another story still to be told).

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